Hani Bu Bur has a boyfriend? Reveals the status of the relationship

The market is closed! Alana “Hani Bu Bu” Thompson During a Q&A session on Wednesday, January 13, Instagram revealed that she had a boyfriend.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” One follower asked, to which Hani Bu Bu, 15, replied, “Yes.” Although he did not reveal the identity of his secret man, Hani bu bu bu here The star says life “can’t be better” on the next slide.

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The From Knot to Hot The star, who appeared first Toddlers and Tiaras When he was just 5 years old, he has been feeling more confident since opening his fitness journey on October 28th.

“Looks good. Are you also working to lose weight?” Alana asked a fan after posting a selfie via Instagram. “Yes ma’am,” the former TLC star replied.

That being said, Alana is never afraid to stop haters on social media. “Your opinion [doesn’t] I make money [smiley face emoji]. [I know, I know] My mirror is dirty, “he captioned a boomerang clip on November 23 to show that he stuck his tongue out in a bathroom.

“It does [though]A troll argued before Alna closed the comments section in her post. “It simply came to our notice then. I make money whether you like me or not [laughing emoji]We TV Alum answered.

Another user jumped up and said, “You made money because everyone has a positive opinion of you, which I received.” [your] Saw and gave you popularity. It wouldn’t be the same if nobody liked you. “

Reality completely shuts off the teenage shadow. “But your hateful attitude towards me is not going to stop my money from coming, so I can really think less [kissing face emoji]He clapped back.

At the moment, Hani Bu Bu is living with her sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird (Formerly Shannon) After their mother, Mama Jun ShannonHe ended his career in rehabilitation and began his quiet journey.

Pumpkin, 21 who is married to a husband Joshua EphraidShe set foot in Florida-based rehabilitation facilities on June 41, 2020 to care for her younger sister.

“[Joshua and I] Originally from raising a 2-year-old overnight, now 2-year-olds and 14-year-olds have been raised. So, there are two different age groups right there, “Lorin explained Entertainment tonight.

Hani Bu Bur has a boyfriend?  Reveals the status of the relationship
Christine Callahan / ACE Photo / Shutterstock

She added: “It was very difficult because she was young and needed her mother. So, it was very difficult for both me and her to cope with me being her ‘sister mother’. She lived with her mother all her life and Now he had to be uprooted and get out of the house and go with us. ”

Pumpkin confirmed that Alana was “still” with him in an Instagram comment on January 5th.

Finding love!  Honey Boo Boo and her boyfriend Darlene Carroll are still getting stronger

Confirmed his romance with Alana Darlene Carswell, 20, on Instagram in September 2021 after six months of dating. It was later revealed that Alna and Darlin were still getting stronger when they were spotted together on Tuesday, April 12, at McIntyre, Georgia. Their outing came in response to their four-year age gap, which some fans have said will not sit well with them.

Despite the reaction, the pair seemed happy during their Tuesday outing. The paparazzi enjoyed each other’s company, holding hands and smiling as they posed for pictures.

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