Haniya, Madeleine about Ash’s relationship

Isn’t that what he thinks? Island of temptation Star Madeleine Rusiniak “Of course” was attracted Haniya Stalker Of all the other boys in Season 4, he said exclusively In contact. But he quickly learned how to deal with his relationship with his girlfriend Ash Lamirolt.

“So I love long-haired boys, so I immediately looked at Hania,” reveals Madeleine, 24. In contactIts exclusive video interview. “And I was, that one, Hania, that one, I’m going to talk to her!”

Although this was a first visit attraction for Carrollton, a Georgia native, he realized that he had learned the reason for joining the show with Hania, 30, and Ash, 28, and realized that he might not be the perfect catch.

“Yeah, I went to him. But then within five minutes of the conversation, I thought, ‘I have to leave now,'” he admits about the 1-night mixer. “I was, ‘Maybe we can be friends, but I have to go. I have to leave. I have to find someone else. ‘

Regarding her initial reaction to Haniya, Madeleine said it was “difficult to explain.”

Haniya, the island of greed
Patrick Ecclesine / USA Network

Temptation Island – Season: 4 – Photo: Hania Stalker – (Photo: Patrick Ecclesine / USA Network)

“He’s a nice guy, you know, like we can go for lunch, his friends or something, but he’s very … I can see why Ash wanted to come to the island and I can see why he’s so broken.” Explains. “When he first arrived, he thought he was just thinking about her and didn’t really want to know any of us. Didn’t even know his birthday. She forgot her birthday. And I was like, ‘Well, if you forget your girlfriend’s birthday for a year, like, I don’t want to talk to you so much.’ Ashley is such a beautiful girl. And as I watched it, I thought, I can see her coming in this hurt, beaten girl who can’t stand up for herself, and I can already see her growing up, just like in the first three episodes. “

While filming, Madeleine said she learned more about Ash and Hania’s relationship before joining the show, such as how they’ve been dating for more than a year, but she would still refer to him as her “friend”, not her “girlfriend.” “

“I want, ‘Okay, you know? No, we’re friends. We’re friends now.’ I will never accept that. “No,” he said, then emphasizing another controversial aspect of Ash and Hania’s romance – that he wanted to have an open relationship with her after taking a job in New York City for the summer and would move on from them. New Mexico’s own city.

“Right? And the truth was he was like, ‘Oh, I want an open relationship because I can’t do long distances.’ I was like, ‘No, it looks like you want to have sex all the time.’ And you can’t like it, you can put it in your pants when your girlfriend is in a different situation. “

Of USA Island of temptation It consists of four major couples who are at the crossroads of their relationship: either stay together and solve their problems or split up and date other people. When they arrive on the island of Maui in Hawaii, where they will join 24 singles, they will either decide whether they want to be committed to each other or succumb to the temptation of singles and start a relationship with someone new.

Madeleine is the island of greed for Hania ash relationship
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However, after learning of Haniya, Madeleine did not think she was “boyfriend material.”

“No, but I think people are capable of change. And I think looking back at everything, you see how you act. Like most people, you know, people might say, ‘Oh, you sound like a dog,’ but You can’t see it, “he explained. “But you know, he sits there and watches it and hears what Ash has to say, you know what everyone else says about him? And I think there is room for change. I will say that. “

Island of temptation Aired Wednesday night in the USA at 10 pm ET.

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