Have Memphis and Hamza had their baby? Bump photo

90 day engagement: 90 days ago Star Memphis Smith Her growing baby bump is starting to show, and fans are excited for her and her husband. Hamza Makni.

On April 7, the TLC star posed for a few photos that she shared via Instagram and expressed how grateful she is to be a mother. Memphis has a daughter from a previous relationship and shared a son with her ex-husband, Justin Sandoval.

“No matter what happens in my life, all my children are a blessing!” He captioned his carousel post 6 “There are many beautiful, loving women who are unable to feel it for themselves, but that does not mean that we all do not know how beautiful a child’s love can be, regardless of whether they are biological or not!”

The 90 day engagement Alum also opened up about caring for both her biological and adopted children.

“Every single child I have created or cared for myself as a previous foster mother, I love in every way!” Memphis added. “Children are our future and we must all be part of them and lead by example! When you think they are not looking, baby, they are checking your every move!”

Memphis further mentions how her children “inspired me to be a good mother, friend, sister, nurse and person in every way”, calling them “kings and queens” in their heartfelt Instagram captions.

“You can say oh he has three children from three different fathers… so !!” Reality TV personality wrote. “My kids are all dear and I will do everything in my power to keep their peace!”

Memphis even threw a ridiculous reference to fellow TLC star, 1000-pound sisters Amy SlatonThe text reads, “And in my AMY voice, ‘My kids are well cared for and my bills are paid!'”

Seeing the support of other Instagram commenters, the pregnant mother thanked everyone and insisted that she “would not let anything or anyone bring” [her] Down. “

Memphis told her husband during an episode of her pregnancy 90 day engagement: 90 days ago, Which was broadcast March 28.

“So, I’m pregnant,” she told him, and Hamza replied, “What? You? Are you playing with me?” The two embraced after Memphis showed her a positive pregnancy test.

Before the episode premiered, rumors of a pregnancy spread in January after Memphis debuted her TLC with her long-distance love. That month, a man who claimed to be Memphis’ ex-boyfriend wrote in deleted tweets that he was “pregnant.” [Hamza’s] The baby “and her” had a baby a few months ago. “

Two months later, Memphis shared an adorable photo of a baby via Instagram, adding to the birth rumors. However, he later clarified that the picture was of his son, not Hamza.

“It’s not Hamza’s child, it’s my son that’s grown up now!” Memphis wrote in the comments section of her post in response to fans congratulating her. “I was reminded, so I posted it because it’s my page and I can do whatever I want on my page! Please respect! ”

Scroll down the gallery to see pictures of Memphis Baby Bump!

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