Hide: Flawless coverage that lasts more than 12 hours

We’re not sure what happens between our bathroom mirror and going out, but our makeup always looks dramatically different after a few hours.

Has that ever happened to you?

You give yourself plenty of time to prepare, you put on your best face, you feel yourself. You then look at yourself in the restaurant bathroom mirror and discover (ah!) Your eyeliner is a mess, your foundation is a completely different color from your neck, and your concealer has caked in lines around your face and eyes.


Makeup has always been, so why are we still working on formulas that can’t be stuck around through dinner, let alone wear all day? It’s 2022. Shouldn’t makeup just work?

We talk a lot about our problems with the cosmetic industry, but we rarely share a positive solution. That’s right- we’re here to talk about hiding.

HIDE is a widely circulated online cosmetics company that has completely revolutionized the foundation and concealer.

This is because the brand considers everything that can go wrong with base makeup and has specifically designed a formula intended to do the opposite. In short, it’s our new go-to brand for foundation and concealer.

Read on to find out why so many people fall in love with HIDE, then try one of their 20+ shades for yourself.

Why so many people are crazy about hide

Everyone’s skin is different. The texture and tone of one’s face can dramatically expand from person to person.

Still, HIDE has found fans of all skin types and moods. People with cystic acne prefer that the brand’s concealer has full coverage, reduces evening discoloration and redness. People with clear, dry skin appreciate that the foundation can be created without feeling like hydrating and paint. The list goes on (and on).

If you know makeup brands, you know how special it is when many different skin concerns gather on the back of a product. HIDE code cracked.

Hide: Flawless coverage that lasts more than 12 hours
Photo Credit: HIDE

This brand is everywhere

We discovered HIDE on Instagram, where many people were obsessed with their full-coverage concealer. We tried but could not resist.

After just a few uses, we’ve become one of the many admirers of HIDE’s concealer and foundation. When we say one of many, we mean it. Their comments section and reviews are stacked with positive experiences:

  • “It literally hides any little redness or little pumps you want to mix! Flawless coverage! ” – Sophia
  • “Love, love, love! I’ve used lots of different brands of concealer and foundation and it does nothing better than hide. I have acne scars on my chin and you can’t tell.”
  • “Definitely recommend this product.” – Vanessa
  • “It’s a great concealer !! Super lightweight, but gives tons of coverage. I have dry skin, and it makes me look moisturized. That’s all! It went great all day too. No movement or separation.” – Brittany

HIDE has over 700 five-star reviews from women across the country on how well their dream duo covers their so-called imperfections and highlights their natural beauty.

This formula really works

The formula that separates HIDE.

We haven’t seen any concealer so effectively hide unwanted marks. HIDE’s concealer even covers the tattoo! Imagine what it could do for a stain or blemishes.

Although their concealer basically acts as a spot treatment, their foundation balances your overall tone and highlights your natural features. This is what makes HIDE’s two-product offer so special. They call it Dream Duo for a reason.

HIDE’s foundation is a medium-coverage formula that feels lighter and slightly more watery than other foundations you can use. This means you can layer it on as much as you want without feeling like you are doing foundation cake on your face.

Textures never look like makeup. If you pull your finger on your cheek while wearing HIDE, you will feel just skin! Compare this with most other base cosmetics and you will find that this brand has something really special in its hands.

Learn more about HIDE’s unique formula for their foundation and concealer here.

Oh, and did we mention it’s vegetarian and cruel-free? There is so much to love about HIDE.

How to hide all day wear

Now, any brand can claim that they have the perfect skin-matching color and full-coverage product, but makeup that only works in your bathroom doesn’t really work.

We need products that are on and off. On that front, HIDE is our favorite product of the moment (and probably never).

This stuff is kept

HIDE’s foundations and concealers guarantee up to twelve hours of wear. This means that the makeup you wear in the morning before work can take you to dinner and up to one night without a touch-up.

We are deeply impressed with how HIDE has addressed the issues that other foundations and concealer brands face.

  • No smudging: Nothing like a little sweat messes up our makeup. We don’t know about you, but sweating is a guarantee for us (and it’s not exactly something we can control, especially during the summer months). HIDE’s foundation and concealer formula are completely sweat resistant. No fog, no drops – just your dream coverage.
  • No instability: We like to wear makeup, but we don’t necessarily want people to be overly aware of our makeup. Instead, we want to brighten up our natural features, thanks to the products we choose. HIDE’s foundations and concealers help you say goodbye to Kakinas forever and highlight what makes you unique.
  • There is no solution: As we age, our skin tends to wrinkle and wrinkle. This is a sign of a good survival! Balirekha means we smile and express our joy to see everyone. That said, it’s not so pretty when our makeup products are fixed on these lines. Guess what? Does not HIDE. It has to be kept.

If a makeup brand solves one of these problems we would love it, but HIDE gets the ultimate gold star for three solutions.

It moisturizes and hydrates your skin

Many reviews for HIDE’s foundation and concealers include terms like “bright”, “hydrated” and “smooth”.

This is because Hyde products are made using a mixture of water and rich emollients that are specifically designed to hydrate the skin. Our mouths – sorry for the sarcasm – suffer so much all day long. Dry air, sunburn… you name it. This is why we prefer products that really consider the health of our skin and not just try to draw on it.

The formula of HIDE makes you look like a dewy and fresh face without being oily or fatty.

You Will Forget You Have Anything On

Perhaps most importantly, after a few hours with the full face of HIDE products, you will forget that you also wear makeup.

At least, that’s our experience. Their products feel like skin and are so light that we feel like ourselves. We don’t worry about keeping our hands away from our mouths or going to the bathroom for touch-ups. We can only enjoy ourselves.

Cosmetics are supposed to make life a little easier, not harder, aren’t they? They allow us to express ourselves and feel completely confident. They’re supposed to shine through our natural beauty.

HIDE formulas go above and beyond They help hide our insecurities, bring out our favorite qualities and make us forget that we are even wearing foundation and concealer. To us, this is a sign of a truly outstanding formula.

There is a shadow for everyone

As we have said, HIDE considers many common issues when designing their foundation and concealer. This includes how painful it can be to find a product that matches your natural skin tone.

Their products come in twenty colors, so you can find the shade you need. Their website has helpful pointers to help you determine the quality of your undertone and skin. We think it’s a good idea to get a concealer in a foundation and shade lighter to tone your normal skin to bring out your natural bone structure and contour, but it’s entirely up to you.

Using HIDE’s Shade Quiz you can find your perfect match for their foundation and concealer. Buying cosmetics online has not been easy, thanks to HIDE.

Our last thought about HIDE’s flawless coverage

Okay, are we talking about HIDE’s foundation and concealer? Yes, and we are proud of it.

We love when people tell us about a brand they’ve discovered and fall in love with, and we don’t hide our beauty. HIDE’s foundation and concealer perfect for all-day wear. Their lightweight and wearable formulas hide what you don’t want to show and reveal what you do. They bring out the natural beauty of your skin and stay after twelve hours.

Ready to try HIDE? Check out their online store, read all their positive customer reviews, and be prepared to be amazed at what HIDE can do for your skin.

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