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Kim KardashianIts pantry is as impeccable as the rest of its extremely short and beautifully ordered home. Sister Courtney KardashianIts lifestyle website Poosh.com took fans on a tour, and Kim’s food and kitchen storage area is absolutely primitive.

Not like little sister Khalo KardashianFrom floor to ceiling shelves to everything from canned goods, dried pasta, cracker boxes and other staples, Kim’s food selection is much more selective and his space is not fully utilized.

Kim’s pantry has two shelves that wrap around the waist at the waist and an “L” shape at eye level. On the other side of the room where the reality star has two large glass-front refrigerators and a large freezer stand. Multiple types of drinks including juice can be seen inside the fridge.

The front of the shelf is where Kim puts her custom tea-leaves and bowls in perfect spacing and order. Outside on the bottom shelf are light-wood organizers who each serve a variety of snacks, including different sized kettle chips, goldfish, pirates boots and other fun foods. She also keeps small boxes of raisins for healthy eating and has several rows of different flavored snack bars, which should be tasty and nutritious for her four children to share with her ex-husband. Kane West: Daughter North, 8, and Chicago, 4, and son St., 6, and Sam, 2.

On the high shelf, Kim has stored more goodies in clear glass jars the way Khloé keeps her bulk snacks. Cocoa has multiple types of cookies and other desserts, but the founder’s choice of schemes is very low sugar, with only one jar of cookies. Although they are neatly and individually stacked inside the pot just as his sister puts them. Other jars in Kim’s pantry include rice cakes, pretzels, crackers and veggie sticks.

Sister Khloé’s baking supplies are markedly missing from Kim’s pantry. The Good American Founder has set up a complete station with a serial dispenser that he has reused to keep sugar, flour and other baking essentials. She has rows of colorful sprinkles, multiple flavors of chocolate chips with different toppings and more goodies for making delicious desserts.

Kim’s pantry matches the chaos and strict aesthetics of her $ 60 million Hidden Hills home. “Everything in my house is really minimal. I can see that there is so much chaos in the world that once I get home I really want it to be really quiet and I want everything to feel calm.” Kardashians The star says Enjoy During the February 2022 House Tour video.

Scroll down to see Kim’s innocent pantry in the photo.

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