How many children does Mama June have? Jessica, Alana, more

You may think you know All Related Mama Jun ShannonBut you probably don’t know much about her four children.

The From Knot to Hot Star sharing girl Anna Marie Chikadi Cardwell With ex David rightGirls Jessica Shannon And Lorraine Pumpkin Shannon With ex Michael Anthony Ford And Alana Madhu Bu Bu Thompson With ex Mike “Sugar Bear” ThompsonMade his mixed family.

After raising four girls in the limelight, June reveals that she has learned some lessons, including when to set rules and give them freedom. A Georgia native said she was happy to see her daughters embrace their unique style and personality in an interview in May 2021.

The WE TV personality said, “I want them to express themselves Our weeklyHe says he doesn’t think Lorraine “tattooed hell before he was 18.”

When it comes to her kids going on dates and having cell phones, however, June said she took a firm stand and didn’t let them do anything until she was 13 years old.

“Pumpkin is rebellious [of] Family, so he’ll try to get a cell phone, “said Jun, who shared some of the milestones his daughters have gone through. “He’ll get these, for example, a prepaid cell phone. You know what I’m waiting for? And then I’d find them, and I’d destroy them.”

The Mama June: The Road to Redemption The star admits that their reality TV reputation has dealt with their negativity, which they have tried to advance. June said it annoys her, though, as the haters have come out of the woodwork on Alana’s mature style.

“Alana is 15 and she’s got it [bashed for] Some of it, as I call it, is stripper eyelashes, but I don’t think so, “Jun said, before reflecting on them. Baby and tiaras Day “I was stunned because when she was 5 and she was doing pageants, we were all doing hair and makeup. He is now 15, and it is still a crime [even though]For example, Alana is no longer that 5 year old girl. “

It was published on April 3, 2022 that the extended family of June continues to grow. June Daughter Lorraine “Pumpkin” Shannon will soon be a mother of four, as she is expecting twins with her husband. Joshua Ephraid, In contact Sure Hani bu bu bu here The album is about seven months old, with a specific date around June 18, sources told TMZ.

Scroll down the gallery below to learn more about the June girls.

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