How risky Enzo Savio takes Kusumano to the top

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Being a risk taker is a common feature of most successful business personalities. Their success stems from a sufficient appetite for risk which allows them to be enterprising in various fields. For the majority, the motivating factor may be the underlying potential of the investment, which is always higher than the risk involved. Yet, the most rewarding opportunities are in high-risk ventures, and unless you are ready to try, you can never expect success.

Born in Italy, Enzo Savio Cusumano is a successful entrepreneur known for taking risks. He is a seasoned businessman and founder of All in One City, a travel agency. He has also established and sold many more companies in different sectors. After starting sales and networking, Enzo has a rich idea of ​​the business world and he often shares his skills to empower others. He also has a deep understanding of the crypto market.

Enzo Savio Kusumano
Enzo Savio Kusumano,

Enzo’s success may make some people mistakenly think that he has inherited all his business from his family. This is certainly not true; Enzo has achieved what he has today through hard work, determination and risk taking. When he moved to Germany, Enzo had no degree or job offer. He survived by doing a number of strange things, from washing dishes to construction work and cleaning cars. But with a vision of what he wanted to achieve, Enzo would dedicate a few resources to the study. Enzo enrolled and earned a high school diploma and then pursued his education and training to qualify as a management assistant for insurance and finance.

Although Enzo had established a promising career in insurance with impressive results, he was bored with the job and wanted to start something new. Her new goal was to become an entrepreneur. It was a risky move but Enzo was ready to pursue further success.

“I have thrown myself into direct self-employment without a fixed salary or existing customers. I have set up sales structures in a number of consulting firms and after living in Germany for almost nine years, I have moved to Dubai to take on new challenges, “Enzo explained.

In Dubai, Enzo has founded All in One City and other companies which he has already sold. Enzo was able to earn its first million dollars through its established company and cryptocurrency trading. He was not only a multi-millionaire now, he was able to help other people become millionaires. This was possible because Enzo was sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

“What made me special was that I always took an open and honest position from the outside and never pretended to be different in front of the camera. It has the advantage that many young people can get to know me. ” Enzo adds

In the next few years, All in One City will become a brand by capturing the tourism industry. Enzo wants to publish his own book and be an inspiration to many. Her goal is to share her experiences and encourage young people and be a brave entrepreneur.

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