How the ‘Sister Wives’ star made money

Sister wife Star Garrison Brown Her family left home last year amid an ongoing drama with her father, Cody Brown, Concerning the COVID-19 protocol. Having recently become a homeowner at the age of 23, fans are wondering – how does the TLC personality make its money? To find out more about Garrison’s net worth, keep reading!

What is the net worth of Garrison Brown?

Although the total wealth of the garrison is not known, Cody and his wife have a fourth child Janelle Brown Has always been ambitious. Enlisted in the National Guard in November 2015, the series revolves around the plural family head on the then 17-year-old military dream.

In 2019, Garrison unveiled an online store, Bob’s Floral, which specializes in Hawaiian shirts and tropical design. However, it is only a year later that the reality TV star will take a break from his online boutique.

“Bobs Floral will be temporarily suspended. My reopening plan is big but it will take time to work out, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Sister wife The star was announced via Instagram in November 2020 “I want Bobs floral products to be made internally and with care and passion for those who want a simple lifestyle.”

While the store is currently on break, Garrison is currently enrolled at the College of Southern Nevada. In addition to her studies, her Instagram is full of photography. From natural landscapes in his home state of Arizona to overseas travel, Garrison is also an avid traveler.

What happened to Garrison Brown?

Despite the break in his entrepreneurial initiative, In contact Confirmed in January 2022 that Garrison had bought his first home. Securing the four-bedroom, two-bathroom home for 32 329,000, Flagstaff, Arizona, the home is not too far from his family. The garrison’s new two-story property has an arched ceiling, a washer and dryer, as well as a fenced yard.

Season 16 of Docusari followed the family as they clashed over the COVID-19 protocol. The plural father, Cody, insisted that his second wife expel their eldest sons, Garrison and Gabriel, for refusing to abide by his rules. Refusing to read her claim, Janelle allowed Garrison to stay in her home until she hit her savings target to buy her property.

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