“I will say whatever I want,” Lori said after the arrest.

“I will say whatever I want,” said Tony Lanez after his arrest for violating a defense order in the Megan The Stallion case.

It seems that a little arrest is not enough Tory Lanes From speaking his mind.

April 10, 29 years old Tory Lanes Take her to Twitter and tell her 2.2 million followers that they will not be afraid to share their opinions online. He tweeted,

“I’ll say whatever I want … and there’s no way about it. We’re so scared of how people take our opinions on these apps that we forget our freedom of thought. Keep your freedom of speech unforgiving.”

In a separate tweet, he added,

“Be true to yourself … because nothing else is real or comfortable”

Tory Lanes The “freedom of speech” tweet comes after he was recently arrested for violating an ongoing defense order Megan Thi Stallion The case is reported earlier this month Lanez He was arrested and held on 350,000 bond for breach of sanctions against him. Megan Thi Stallion27. Allegedly, during a recent hearing, a judge ruled that “that brick” rapper violated the terms of his defense order, which prohibits him from directly or indirectly contacting or talking to “Hot Girl.” Lanez He is facing charges of assault after allegedly firing Megan Thi Stallion Legs in July 2020.

Tori Lanez, Megan Thi Stallion

It is known that Lanez The breach occurred last month when he made a few tweets that he apparently noticed Megan. In a tweet, he hinted at that Megan Was shot by his ex-friend Kelsey Nicole Because of the pair fighting with him.

He tweeted,

“Good d *** introduced me to 2 best friends … and I got caught … for which I apologize … it’s sick that you spent it …”

Lanez Bond has since been posted and released. On April 10, he went on social media and shared that he had returned to his home country Canada for the first time in three years.

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