Idris Elba says he sold weeds to Dave Chappell before he became famous in The Wire

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Idris Elba | (L) admitted that he was Dave ChappellIts weed man before he became known as the drug kingpin in HBO The Wire.

Idris brings his experience as a petty drug dealer to the critically acclaimed HBO crime drama about the Baltimore drug scene.

Time A look On Jess Cagle showIdris said selling weeds was one of his pursuits. He also holds the record for DJ spinning in nightclubs before making it big in Hollywood.

“I help to give that only way for a little bit,” Hedgehog 2 The star says. “I’ve done a lot of DJing … [and] I was a janitor at Caroline’s Comedy Club. “


Idris said he took advantage of his gig as a doorman at the comedy club to meet comedians who wanted to be high before their gig.

That is what the British actor said Jess Cagle And co-host, Julia CunninghamHer celebrity clients, including Chappell, were impressed by her demeanor and her British accent.

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“I meet comedians [now] Remember this kind of English guy, “he says.” Long English guy with funny accents and short hair. David Chappell remembers me because he used to buy weeds from me! Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. “

Idris recalled the hit TV show that made him famous as the hunky drug lord Russell “Stringer” Bell.


“Season 1 was a lot like a slipper hit,” he said. “People were saying, ‘Have you seen this show? It’s kind of interesting.’ Especially in the African American community, ‘because you know, the first season was centered around Barksdale, Baltimore. In Season 3, it appeared with The Sopranos as a show that everyone was watching … People continue to discover it to this day. “

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