IG model Courtney Taylor confronts an angry woman in the Miami Hotel lobby: ‘You

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There is no denying that blonde Instagram model Courtney Taylor Stabbed her boyfriend, Christian Obumselli, until death. What he did later – and he is not in jail – has caused outrage.

Obumselli, 27, moved to Miami and was living with Taylor in an apartment in One Paradise when he was stabbed during an argument on Sunday, April 3rd.

Miami-Dade County Police Responded to a 911 call From the tailor and Obumselli suffering from stab wounds to the shoulder. He died at the hospital.

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The tailor, Courtney Taylor Klein, 25, was handcuffed while covered in blood and was questioned by police at the scene. He was then taken to a mental health center where he was evaluated and released. She Demanded self-defense And not charged.

A cell phone video posted on Twitter shows Taylor confronting a woman in the lobby of the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami on Friday night.

“Yeah, you should go. Yeah, you should go. ‘Because you just killed your boyfriend. Yeah, you did,” the woman tells Taylor as she leaves with a male friend.

The Twitter user who posted the footage captioned the video:

“It’s not stupid for @CourtneyTailor to be out of a bar in Miami like she just killed @TobyObumseli a few days ago … but I thought you were mentally unstable and suicidal? That’s adventure for me.”

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt spoke about the case, suggesting that Taylor was not arrested because of his white privilege.

According to Merritt, “[Obumseli’s] The accused assassin, Courtney Taylor Klein, was not initially arrested or charged by Miami police. “She is representing the Obumselli family.

Shortly after the tailor was released from police custody, he allegedly posted pictures of the thirst trap on Instagram.

The tailor had previously boasted that he had only dated rich black men before killing Obumselli.

“Let me be clear, I only date rich black boys,” he said in the “We in Miami Podcast” 2 weeks before Obumselli’s death.

“So, you know you’re toxic,” the host told him.

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