In the Cody drama, the birthday of the sister’s wife, General Brown’s son Garrison

No more family drama? Sister wife Star Janelle Brown In the ongoing drama between her son and her father, she shared a sweet tribute to her son Garrison’s 24th birthday on Thursday, April 14th. Cody Brown.

“We celebrated Garrison’s birthday over the weekend,” the mother of six wrote along with a photo of her son holding a monster. Star wars Lego Kit

“Apparently they have this very detailed Lego set for older kids / kids like mind / collectors / anyone with enough patience. So we got together and gave her one, “added Janelle, 52, who shares Logan, Hunter, Gabriel, Maddie and Savannah with husband Cody. “I secretly think his brothers are all jealous. Lagos was our favorite toy to grow up in. ”

On the second slide, Garrison shows a video of him blowing out his birthday candle while his mother and family sing to him. “Forgive our non-professional singing voices in the second film,” Janelle wrote. “It’s the heart that sometimes counts more.”

Courtesy of Janelle Brown / Instagram

Celebrating her birthday comes on the heels of some major family drama!

Fans will recall that the play was seen in season 16 with his father on the COVID-19 protocol after Garrison moved out of his family property late last year. .

“Some of his children are at odds with him because of his path [COVID-19] The rules are broken, ”Janel told her father about her son’s tantrums during Part 2 of the February 6 episode.

“[We’re] Not good. Not to mention, “Cody said at the time about boys Gabe and Garrison. It’s like a relationship where we have a lot of work to do.”

“I make rules, you follow them. I understand that these two need social life, “he added.” I fully understand that. But in this case, Covid is different, “he continues.” It has changed everything for everyone and they want it to be the same. “

“We need therapy,” Cody told the host Love Krishnan. “I have reached a point where I am very angry about what happened and we are not communicating. And I think they are. “

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