‘Intimate’ between John Gosselin and Hannah Kate

John Gosselin And her daughter Hannah Gosselin is “very close” to her mother in her emotional relationship. Kate GosselinWho is “not a simple personality at all,” says a source exclusively In contact.

“They’re really good friends,” the parent-daughter pair added before revealing the insider, “they’re ridiculous with each other.”

“So basically, the best way to describe Hannah is that she’s a completely free spirit,” the source said “And staying home with Kate, who had endless rules – cameras at home, kids controlling their cell phones – was a very controlling situation.

Meanwhile, a source previously revealed that Kate is “angry, furious” that Hannah has decided to stay with John and brother Colin Gosselin over her.

Although Kate “absolutely loved Hannah and wanted her to be with her,” her daughter “just felt that this was not the right environment for her, even though she loved her brothers and sisters,” the insider added.

Hannah found it “very difficult” to leave her siblings, other sextuplates: Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aden, and twins Maddie and Cara, who are away from college but stay home with their mother, sources said.

In the end, however, Hannah “thought living with her father must have been the right decision,” the insider added, referring to her current stay with her father.

John, who is in full custody of Hannah and Colin, and Kate, who is in the custody of other sextoplates, met in 1997.

The former couple later married in June 1999 and have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 years.

More than a decade after their 2009 divorce, Kate later sold her Pennsylvania home in 2021 and now lives in North Carolina with four sextuplets and a nurse.

When it comes to communication between John and the other four sextuplets, he has been estranged from them for many years.

“I haven’t talked to my twin kids in eight years,” John revealed Dr. Oz show In November 2021. “I text them every year. And every time I come here for your show or interview, I text my daughter. “

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