Is April and Jack still together since ‘Ultimatum’? Details!

Netflix’s highly anticipated Love is blind Spinoff Ultimatum: Get married or move onThe couple wonders if there are visitors April Mellon And Jake Cunningham Are still together today.

On April 23, her two-year-old boyfriend, Jake, 26, gave an ultimatum of engagement or divorce. As a result, the couple embarked on an eight-week journey that put their relationship to the test. April enters into a mock marriage with the contestant Colby KissingerWhen Jake entered a mock marriage with a contestant Ray Williams.

'The Ultimatum: Get Married or Proceed': Meet Couples on Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' SpinOff

After spending four weeks with their fake partners – and learning a lot about themselves along the way – April and Jack reunited for a trial wedding of their own. As fans have witnessed, the transition was not easy, especially after April there was a fear of pregnancy.

“I told everyone outside The Show, I was going to a fertility appointment and dealing with this off set TheIn a hurry, nothing happened, ”April explained Lifestyle Of the situation

“I tried not to talk about it, but I think when people start digging at me, ‘Well, Jack doesn’t want to have a baby,’ and so I finally blew up because I was right, ‘Is that what I’m going through?’ “I’m going. Shut up. I don’t care about your opinion. Leave me alone. Don’t tell me what he thinks,” he added.

Talking to Lifestyle, Jack offers his side of the story. “Fear of pregnancy … well, we’ve come down that road quite a bit,” he claimed. “She’s done a lot with me. So, I didn’t really think much of it.… If we had a baby, I would take care of her and I would be the best dad for that baby.”

As it stands, it’s not clear if April and Jack will end up together. However, Ultimatum Fans don’t have to wait too long to find out!

Episodes 1-6 Ultimatum: Get married or move on Available for streaming on Netflix. Episodes 9-10 will be available to stream on Wednesday, April 13th.

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