Is Jack and Ray together in ‘Ultimatum’? Update!

Fans of Netflix Ultimatum: Get married or move on Where the contestant is dying to know Jake Cunningham And Ray Williams Do they stand together today after leaving their real partners? April Mellon And Jay Wilson?! Talking exclusively with In contact In a video interview, the reality stars broke up after the show.

“We are still in touch. We talk all the time, “said Jack, 26, adding that they are” kind of “into anything romantic.

“We are out of a two-year relationship with two different people. So, we just, after the show, we stopped it, we tried to find out ourselves, we tried to find out what was going to happen with it. I’ll let him do his thing. I was going to do my job, “Jake added.” It could happen on the street… he’s kind. We’ll see how it goes. “

In the final episode, Jack, who was issued an ultimatum by April 23, and Rye, who issued the ultimatum to 25-year-old JK, decided to leave their relationship and possibly follow each other. In fact, the last time viewers saw Jack and Reck they were going to travel anywhere in the world!

Jake and Rye's 'Talk All Time' post-show from The Ultimate: 'We'll see how it goes'
Courtesy of Rae Williams / Instagram; Jack Cunningham / Instagram

“Even though we moved away from the experience and decided to focus only on ourselves, we both need to focus on healing now,” Rye explains. “So, women don’t DM her, you know, she just has to focus on herself, like I do. But we are still very calm. I think he is an absolute gentleman. I love my time with her and whether she ends up with me or not or I end up with her, I just want happiness for both of us. “

As for the current situation of Rae and Zay? Well, it’s ice. “Right now, Jay and I have blocked each other in everything and we are not in a position to talk,” he admits. “It was the staff that reunited. So, I can’t say too much, but the way he talked to me at the reunion. I realized we had no reason to stay in each other’s lives.”

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