Is Johnny Depp in the new movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’? Details

Although the two new pictures of Disney are alluring mega Caribbean pirates Suffrage is on the horizon, Johnny Depp, Who has played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow throughout the series, will not be part of the movie. Here’s a look at some of the upcoming flicks in the series.

Johnny Depp has been dropped from the new movie … for now

Although he helped make the franchise a huge success, Johnny will never return, according to the producer Jerry Brookheimer. “We are talking Margot Robbie. We are developing two Pirates The script – one with him, one without, “he said Sunday Times May 15, 2022. Regarding Johnny’s return, Jerry replied, “Not at the moment. The future is not yet decided.” Johnny has acted in six of them Pirates With the latest movies of 2017 Dead people tell no story.

Margaret Pirates The film is already in development

Its women-driven Pirates The movie was announced in 2020. The Oscar-nominated actress will be working as an executive producer, as well as starring in the film. Christina Hudson, who wrote the screenplay for Margot Birds of prey Working on his new photo script Pirates Project

Johnny was scheduled to return to the franchise

The actor is fighting with his ex-wife Amber Hard A 50 million defamation lawsuit stemming from his domestic abuse allegations, which Johnny has vehemently denied. Wrote a 2018 op-ed for Amber The Washington Post After their 2016 divorce where he wrote, “Then two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic violence, and for those who speak I feel the full force of the wrath of our culture.” Without naming Johnny, he continued, “It was a rare privilege to see in real time how institutions protect men accused of abuse.”

Johnny’s agent, Jack Huigam, testified in the defamation suit that the actor was on his way to acting and would later receive $ 22.5 million. Pirates The installment, however, he claimed that Disney had decided to move “in a different direction” after the alleged release of Amber’s op-ed.

Johnny wanted to continue the iconic role that he emerged

During the trial, the actor told the court, “I felt that these characters should be able to say goodbye to them as they were.” He explained, “A franchise can only last so long, and there is a way to end a franchise like this, and I thought the characters deserved to find their way to end the franchise on a very good note. I plan to continue until it’s time to stop. “

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