Is Kardashian Photoshop true? Disneyland pictures have been explained

The happiest place on earth? Khalo Kardashian He admits that he “fo-ceded up” photoshopping with his daughter, True Thompson, sister. Kim KardashianOld Disneyland photos.

“Well, I fixed it,” The Kardashian Star, 37, wrote through Twitter Wednesday, April 13, in response to a fan who shared December 2021 photos from Disneyland and Khloé’s most recent photos at the theme park on his 4th birthday. Users tweeted and mentioned Kim, 41, in the caption, saying they had “human questions.”

“Anyway, let’s focus on something else,” Khalo added. “Our show will air in a few days.”

Just two days after throwing a giant squishmalo-themed birthday party at True, the founder of Good American featured True at Disneyland in honor of his special day, sharing countless photos via his Instagram story on Tuesday, April 12th. Several videos show the young man enjoying the “It’s a Small World” ride, where Khalo tells fans about the couple’s mother-daughter journey in a story.

“It’s true for the first time at Disneyland [sic]”It’s a small world,” the reality TV star said in a clip.

Kholo Kardashian has confessed to Disneyland's photoshopped daughter's truth
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian / Instagram

While the moments are undoubtedly adorable, his comments contradicted photos shared on his Instagram by the founder of Schemes in December 2021, which are still on his account.

In Kim’s carousel post, True and her daughter Chicago West are both featured in the images. However, fans quickly pointed out that Khloé’s daughter looked like she had edited moments in Chicago, the 4th.

Kholo Kardashian has confessed to Disneyland's photoshopped daughter's truth
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian / Instagram

“Photoshop shows the truth, I’m out of breath,” one fan responded in a comment. “Edited to show the truth,” claimed another, where countless others have recently jumped into the comments section to ask why the photos are still there, despite explicitly confirming the edit claim.

This is not the first time Kholo has been accused of involvement in Photoshop involving her child, which she shared with her ex. Tristan Thompson. About two years after his birth, fans blamed the former Keep up with the Kardashians The editing star of True’s eyes has a blue tinge instead of its natural brown color.

“Until the end of time, it’s you and me,” he captioned his Instagram carousel post about holding his True in October 2019.

Aside from the truth though, the whole Kardashian-Jenner group has been the subject of Photoshop complaints in the past. However, Khloé in particular has been facing charges of photo editing and plastic surgery almost year after year. One of the most notable examples is when fans hinted that his fingernails were showing too long in an Instagram post in January.

Still, the Hulu personality shuts down the negativity. Just a month after people accused him of editing his fingernails, Kholo took a second to respond to a fan.

“Oh my God, he hid his hand,” an Instagram user commented under his Jan. 31 post, to which Kholo replied, “Never mind, my hand is a beautiful baby.”

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