Is Macy’s bookout pregnant? ‘Teen Mom’ Tees ‘Pregnancy News’

Reproduction or clickbite? Teenage motherOf Mackie Bookout McKinney Apparently rumors have spread that she is pregnant and expecting Child No. 4.

Massey, 30, surprised fans on Monday, April 25 by sharing a photo of herself while pregnant on Instagram. In the photo, the reality star smiles for the camera while holding a baby bump He wrote in the caption, “Our secret has finally come out!”

However, fans following a link on Massey’s Instagram bio found out that the photo was old and that she was actually promoting an article detailing her and her husband. Taylor McKinneyIts relationship.

A recent Instagram photo is not the first time Macy’s has made fans think she’s pregnant. “And just like that … Wonder! [two pink hearts emoji]Auntie wrote through her Instagram story on Friday, March 18. Instead of confirming the pregnancy, she shared a link to a story to explain that the baby’s speculation is mere rumor.

He also spread the Baby No. 4 rumor in January. “As everyone is talking, I am happy to confirm the news of my pregnancy! ” Maki Shared via Instagram Along with a blurry screengrab Adolescent mother: Family reunionIts teaser trailer.

The mother of three has brought followers to the link on her Instagram bio to learn more about MTV star’s possible ban in Owen.

“Looks like rumors are coming up again … to fix the score – no, Macy’s not pregnant,” said an insider. Celebuzz. “No, he’s not playing any upcoming baby bumps Teenage mother Vacation show. “

It looks like Macy’s “pregnancy news” is that she’s “happy to confirm” that she’s not pregnant at the time.

Massey bookout
Courtesy Macy’s Bookout / Instagram

Rumors of Massie’s pregnancy have been circulating for months, with fans analyzing her social media posts as well as teasers for the upcoming show.

One TikTok user Directed 16 and pregnant Alum pulls up his shirt and stands up, probably pointing to a baby bump.

“Proof Massey is completely pregnant for this reunion,” fans captioned the video, which further indicates that Massey was suspiciously drinking water while other women were sipping wine.

“She is OK [didn’t] Drink only water at the show. Anyone who knows Macy knows she likes beer, “explains the source of the celebs.” No, she’s not pregnant. ”

The Teenage mother Ozzy The star is the mother of 13-year-old son Bentley Edwards, whom she shares with her ex Ryan EdwardsAnd daughter Jade, 6, and son Maverick, 5, whom she shares with her husband Taylor.

The I Not born Bulletproof The author has already said In contact That she had “completed” her childbearing with Taylor – but the adoption was still “On the table

“It’s a matter of timing,” she said in September 2021. She and her husband, 32, both have incredibly busy schedules.

“We have no idea how much will be on our plate in any week or month or whatever,” he added. “I do not think we are in a position to give what we want. A [Adoption is] Of course it’s still on the table, but not now. ”

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