Jana Dugar sells Arkansas real estate property for $ 105K

Cha-ching! Jana Duggar One might want to look at flipping commercial real estate property for a living, as he has the ability to create a certain volatility. The eldest Dugar sister has just sold a property in her hometown of Springdale, Arkansas for $ 200,000, after buying it in 2016 for 95,000. In contact Can confirm. That’s $ 105K net profit!

Jana once had a restaurant and tattoo shop on the 1,612-square-foot site before buying the property. The building currently houses a shop called Lomak. Jana has officially offloaded the property to real estate company Mancia Properties.

In addition to her talents in real estate flipping, Jana has built a career as a talented home remodel and decorator, appearing on two of her famous family TLC shows. 19 children and counting And To count. She often shares projects she is working with fans through her Instagram page.

Time To count ‘s run, Jana reveals that she is starting her own small business, Arbor Acres Group, and the state of Arkansas have applied for a business licensen 2019. The company launched it through a website that said it was “coming soon” and issued a mission statement.

“We are interested in finding the beauty around us, bringing people together and everything creative. We hope it becomes one of your favorite destinations for ideas that will make you excited about life and all that it has to offer! Stay tuned, ”the site said. It has not been updated since. There is also an Instagram page for Janar Arbor Acre, though it has no posts or links to his company’s homepage.

Fans were expecting the Arbor Acres to launch in 2021 when, in August of that year, Jana took a trip To join the Las Vegas Market in Las Vegas, Nevada, a trade show featuring all the latest “Furniture, Gifts and Home Decor Resources”, according to the group’s homepage.

On September 1, the former reality star posted two pictures of herself on the market. In one, he is seen staring at the merchandise and writes in the caption, “I’m still dreaming of all the beautiful things I’ve seen in the Las Vegas market!” Adds, “Lots of inspiration from designers and vendors around the world!”

Jana has been involved in numerous DIY projects in Arkansas ever since. In an Instagram post dated March 9, 2022, he was spotted with a pile of wooden strips and a nail gun. He wrote in the caption, “Turning these wood scraps into something I can use for my next project.” Maybe his next enterprise will be another venture in real estate!

The sun John is the first to report a property sale in Arkansas.

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