Jasmine Davis quits ‘The Chi’ amid Disney protests

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“The Chi” Losing her first transgender character. Jasmine Davis Starring “Imani” actor’s girlfriend Luke James“Trig” character in Seasons 3 and 4.

Lena WaythThe Chicago-based TV drama introduces the show’s first male-to-female trans character in Season 3.

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“It’s definitely the guest season,” Weth (pictured) Says At the time “we married two black women to each other in a holy marriage.”

“I’m so excited that we’re finally getting to know our first trans character this season,” he added. “Her name is Jasmine. She’s from Chicago. She’s awesome.”

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Although Davis was warmly welcomed by the audience Chi, The actor decided to leave in protest of Disney Delayed response In the Florida “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The bill was signed into law by the government. Ron Descentis.

Davis announced his departure on social media on April 22, writing:

“Due to many inquiries, I am officially announcing that I will not be participating in Season 5 of @SHOTheChi and I will no longer be a part of #thechi / #disneyproduction. Many thanks to all my family and supporters / fans. Hold on. “

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