Jayda Cheaves opens up about eyelid surgery: if this is something I do

Joyda Chives

Jayda Cheaves opens up about eyelid surgery: if it’s something I don’t like, I’m going to pay to have it done [VIDEO]

Entrepreneur / Influencer Joyda Chives It keeps it completely transparent when it comes to any of its advanced methods.

Joyda Chives, 24, revealed through her Instagram story that she underwent eyelid surgery after rumors that she would look really different. He said that suffering from petosis, a condition that causes the eyelids to become “risky” or “lazy” from excessive skin, he paid to fix the problem. Joyda Chives Said

“The reason for the surgery is not to change my face. I know I’m pretty. Listen, I know. But I was suffering from pitosis. “

He goes on

“Like I said, it was never a secret. I got my eyes to be symmetrical.”

Following a recent video posted on Instagram by a celebrity hairstylist Arrogant SoThe Pretty little thing The ambassador was seen waving a blonde wig, where many social media users commented that they did not know he was.

The haters began to troll, moving to comment below Chives’ IG’s recent video features a natural hair care oil that keeps her ends full. One user commented,

“You’re not posting an old video because of your new eyebrows.”

The mother of one child fired back,

“Lift the eyes. And I actually got it here.”

He continued to comment on other users who chimed in,

“Google an eyelift and then come back to me. It seems exaggerated because I have a wig that snatches me away.”

Chives His comments were widely active in the department following criticism surrounding his surgery. He even commented, “Lmfao I’m commenting again today on who you are coming for.”

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