Jaylan Mobli, the boyfriend of Leah Messer of Teen Mom 2, owns their house

Teenage mother 2 Star Leah MesserHer stunning new Charleston, West Virginia, came home courtesy of her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobli. In contact You can exclusively confirm that Zelan owns the house that he bought for Lear, and that he is not included in the deed.

According to documents recorded on March 31, 2022, 25-year-old Xylan is the only person listed as a homeowner, although he referred to the new residence as “ours” with 29-year-old Lear in an Instagram post the next day.

“Proud to be homeowner for the first time!” The U.S. Army officer captioned a series of photos and videos showing the gorgeous brick colonial-style home on April 1st. “I am extremely grateful and blessed to be the owner of this house and still speechless. Surprise! Lehmesar. I’m proud of you for selling your first home, and so, I wanted to surprise you with a new home, our home. “

Jaylan continued, “We deserve it! You deserve it! I can’t wait to create, grow and create generations of wealth, inheritance, and opportunities for us and our families. It’s the next chapter and really leveling!”

The two-story brick house is huge, with white doors at the entrance and small columns. It appears to feature a two-story fountain, as a large arched window covers the upper part of the front door from the second floor.

House tour of teen mom Leah Messer and boyfriend Zelan Mobley
A shot of Lichia Li / Li photography

In a carousel video, Zelan shows how much land they now own, pointing to a white fence in the distance along the property line that runs deep into a forest at the far end of their backyard.

“Girls, when you see it, it’s going to be your play area,” Zelan explained during the tour, showing Leah how much the girls have to go around the house. He shared 12-year-old twins Alianah “Ali” and Aleya “Gracie” Sims with ex. Corey Sims And 9-year-old Adeline “Eddie” Calvert with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

Leah joked, “We’re kicking them out of the house. ‘Go play!’ ”How she wants her daughters to enjoy the huge courtyard Thanks to the fact that they will now call home.

Perhaps Leah and Zelan will one day have a child of their own who will grow up in a vast new property. On their first date, MTV star Hank asked Over Bunch if he had any children of his own. “I have no children, at least not yet,” he admitted, adding, “but I want to have children at last.”

The couple’s then-emerging relationship is on display this season Teenage mother 2And the pair went on Instagram official about their relationship in September 2021. Six months later, Leah and Zelan are now living together in a beautiful new home!

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