Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck responds to Jennifer Lopez’s engagement

Jennifer Garner Was not surprised by his ex FoolInvolved Jennifer LopezA source says exclusively In contact.

“Jane Garner is accustomed to seeing Ben jump deep into the edge so I wouldn’t say she’s shocked about the engagement,” the insider said. “The kids are a big priority for him, rather than the engagement of Ben and Jay-Lore.”

The 13 is going to 30 The actress, 49, announced her separation from him The girl is gone The 49-year-old actor in 2015 after nearly 10 years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 2018. The former couple has three children, a 16-year-old daughter Violet, a 13-year-old daughter Serafina and a 9-year-old son Samuel. This pair is seen on the set Pearl Harbor In 2000.

After their breakup, they both proceed romantically. Ben went on a date as a TV producer Lindsay Shukas And Instagram models Shawna Sexton In 2018, then later actress date Anna de ArmasWith whom he met on set Deep water Towards the end of 2019.

After parting ways with Anna de Armas after dating for almost a year in January 2021, Ben met his ex-fianc জে J. in April 2021. He reconnected with Lo, shortly after his separation from his ex-fianc. Alex Rodriguez. The pair were unveiled in July 2021 on their 52nd birthday. Their romance was getting so strong that an insider reported In contact One such proposal was “forthcoming” in January.

“There is no question that Jane and Ben will be hired,” the source said. “She tells everyone she’s lost Jane before, and she won’t let it happen again. It’s meant to be, and if you look at them together, there’s no doubt about it. “

The couple announced their engagement on Friday, April 8, via Lopez’s newsletter, On the JLO.

Although Ben and J. Garner eventually. As people give her “blessings” at the beginning of their revived romance, things get heated between Ben and his ex-wife when the actor-director apparently takes a shot at his ex-marriage. “That’s why I started drinking, I fell into the trap,” Ben said of their former union during an interview in December 2021. Howard Stern. A separate source said In contact The actress who exclusively felt that her words were “disrespectful” and “slapped in the face”.

Ben later apologized for his remarks and made it clear that it was out of context.

Former Ben Affleck's engagement to Jennifer Garner Jennifer Lopez is not a 'shock'.
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“[Howard and I] I talked a lot about my family and divorce and drinking and fighting real things and how you have to be responsible and loving and I am proud of how I work with my ex-wife and how we work together for our children, ”he explained. Jimmy Kimmel Live! After that month. “I went ahead and said how much we respect each other and care for each other and take care of our kids and put them first and went through our belongings. They said my ex-wife was to blame for my drinking and I was stuck in this marriage and turned me into the worst, most sensitive, stupid horrible person. “

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