Jennifer Lopez reveals details of Ben Affleck’s bubble bath proposal

Jennifer Lopez The gentle and intimate way the fiance is shared Fool Offer him. The superstar revealed that he was having a peaceful bath at home when the actor decided to pop the question.

“Saturday night while at my favorite place in the world [in the bubble bath]My beautiful love rose to its knees and proposed, “Jennifer, 52, revealed in her newsletter on Tuesday, April 12, four days after the singer-actress shared her and Ben’s engagement to the world.

J. Lowe said the pair were “completely removed” by his sweet way of telling her to be his wife more than 18 years after their first engagement and romance was called off.

“[I] Just looking into her eyes and smiling and crying at the same time trying hard to get my head around the fact that this is happening again 20 years later, “she wrote in an excerpt from the headline” How it went down. “Jennifer added,” I’m pretty literal I was literally speechless, and he said, ‘Is that so?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course it’s a yes.’

“I was smiling so much, and tears were flowing down my face, so I was feeling incredibly happy and full. It wasn’t fancy at all, but it was the most romantic thing I could ever imagine, “he explained. Two very lucky people. Who has a second chance at true love? “

In an accompanying video, Jennifer jumps on the “unexpected” nature of Ben’s proposal. “My love came, Ben came and he got down on one knee and he said something I will never forget, and he pulled out a ring and said, ‘Will you marry me?’ And that was the perfect moment, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Hustler The star has been shared.

Then he reveals why colored diamonds Tender bar Star picking is so special. “He gave me a ring and he said it was a green diamond. [Green is] My favorite color, it’s my lucky color, “Jennifer revealed, adding,” Of course it will be my lucky color now forever. It means a lot when someone thinks about you and loves you and sees you. And that was the perfect moment. “

Jennifer shared the news of the couple’s April 8 engagement in a video showing the stunning green diamond on her finger. For their first engagement in 2002, Ben J. Lo chose a 6.1-carat pink diamond for him, which shows that he is interested in giving her something unique and special.

The couple was scheduled to get married in September 2003 but the marriage was postponed due to too much “media scrutiny”. They were married in January 2004. The pair reconnected in late April 2021, just two weeks after Jennifer and her then-fianc. Alex Rodriguez Break down

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