Jeremiah Rubber of the Amish, who was admitted to the ICU, returned to the hospital

Return to Amish Star Jeremiah Raber The wife has been admitted to the ICU of the hospital Caramel rubberOf (née mendez) prohibition order, In contact Confirms exclusively.

The reality TV star, 42, however, is “doing very well,” according to a Facebook post published by an “admin” on Thursday, April 14th. . Thank you all for all your prayers. ”

The day before, Jeremiah was admitted to the intensive care unit with diabetic ketoacidosis, according to his Facebook admin.

Read a post on Wednesday, April 13th, “Jeremiah will be a bit offline.” “We want the administrators to keep you up to date. We will update you if any information is found.”

He was admitted to the hospital just two weeks after receiving an exclusive response to his estranged wife’s abuse allegations. In contactComplaints, “[Everything] He is accusing me of coming back in 2017. “

“Even the stuff that says 2022. Look at this,” he said March 30, five days after announcing publicly via Instagram that he and Carmella were “gone.”

“It’s all in the report at the time,” he added. “He just used st to get orders to get me out. It’s sad how fast people post this kind of thing.But keep a close eye on the changes that good people have made in their lives. “

Come back to Jeremiah Rubber of Amish wife Carmella has been pushed and threatened for keeping her '6 feet below'
Courtesy of Carmela Raber / Facebook

On March 10, Carmella, 38, filed an injunction against Jeremiah, In contact Sure enough, he complained that there was a quarrel between the two, which he described as follows: “Jeremiah told me he was going to ‘throw me 6 feet down.’ He snorts, yells at my face, pushes my chest and I repeatedly fall backwards. Jeremiah tells me, ‘If I don’t stop with my bull, he will knock me out.’

In addition to her 2022 claims, Carmella has listed a few more examples of alleged abuse since 2017, including allegations that Jeremiah was molested, assaulted and had hot coffee thrown at her.

In April 2017, Carmella accused Jeremiah of battery domestic violence in Florida’s Suwani County. This information has been known in the report received by the police In contact, Carmella claimed that there was a “verbal dispute” between her and her husband on April 22 of that year, which she complained about money. He further claimed that Jeremiah threatened him when he wanted to take his children away from the argument. He then accuses her of “I will kill your daughter if you leave me”, then he “grabs her by the arm” and “grabs her by the throat” then throws “her hot cup of coffee” in his lap. He gets into the driver’s seat of a car. And he got up next to the passenger.

However, the charges against Jeremiah were dropped because he had completed a pre-trial diversion (PTD), which was on July 6, 2018, according to the notice of termination of the delayed prosecution received. In contact.

Carmella shares four children from a previous relationship, and Jeremiah marries his ex-wife Naomi Stutzman From 2005 to 2011. In 2005, Stutzman was arrested for domestic violence, but his case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence, according to a 2006 judgment entry. In contact.

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