Jersey Shore’s Angelina applauds using the photo filter

Jersey Shore Star Angelina Pivarnik On Wednesday, April 27, he shared a scathing message to his haters via Instagram, telling trolls that he was editing his picture to his liking and not “because” [she] To do. “

“Anyone who says that all I do is filter out my pictures, it’s a shock to you,” he wrote with a middle finger emoji. “I do it because I want to, not because I have to. Keep hating, ”he added with a tearful humorous emoji.

'Jersey Shore' star Angelina returns to Instagram troll for heavily filtering her photos
Courtesy of Angelina Pivarnik / Instagram

The reality TV personality, 35, has received a backlash from some fans who have accused him of over-editing his photos and using heavy filters to distort his original look. In September 2021, Angelina was condemned for using Photoshop excessively in a photo she posted at the time. Commentators claim he is entering “Kardashian territory” with his heavy-handed edits.

In addition to the Photoshop controversy, Angelina has admitted to plastic surgery, including a boob job, butt lift and liposuction. He was also open about adopting cosmetic procedures like Botox and lip fillers.

“In my favorite doctor’s office for some fillers and Botox,” she wrote in a mirror selfie posted on Instagram on April 27. In the photo, Angelina was waiting for her treatment in a processing room

The MTV personality sought medical treatment on April 12 for a different reason, when he was hospitalized due to “stress” in his divorce. Chris Larenzira. The couple broke up in February after facing many ups and downs since their marriage in 2019.

“At the hospital. Please give me time to answer those who are calling me and texting me. I’m not doing well at all. My health comes first,” he wrote on Instagram that day.

He further elaborated on his health fears in a later post, writing: I wish this pain for someone all over the world. I hope this too will pass and I hope bright days are ahead of me. Stress is definitely a killer. “

Despite the pressure of her divorce, Angelina still found the strength to shoot her enemies, in truth. Jersey Shore Style

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