Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnic has been hospitalized amid a divorce

Get well soon! Jersey Shore Star Angelina Pivarnik He revealed that he was hospitalized due to “stress”. The TV personality was suffering from health fears in her divorce from the former Chris Laranjira.

Angelina, 35, went to her Instagram story on Tuesday, April 12, to share the news. “At the hospital. Please give me time to answer those who are calling me and texting me. I’m not doing well at all. My health comes first,” he wrote.

After she shared a video of herself in the hospital, Angelina went into more detail about her health fears in the following text post. “It simply came to our notice then. I wish this pain for someone all over the world, “the MTV personality wrote.” I hope it will go away too and I hope bright days are ahead of me. Stress is definitely a killer. “

“No one lives in my bones and no one understands the amount of pain I’ve endured lately,” Angelina wrote. After noticing “God has me”, he added, “There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon I will see the light.”

Angelina Pivarnik / Instagram

“I am closer to God and prayer than ever before and I know he has big plans for me. I love you God, ”Angelina concluded in an Instagram story post.

Angelina was hospitalized just months after she filed for divorce from 42-year-old Chris. According to the documents received In contactChris submitted his divorce to Angelina on January 20, 2022, citing “reasons for the divorce for at least six months due to inconsistent differences”.

The pair tied the knot in November 2019. Events and receptions filled with plays were recorded Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Angelina had previously filed for divorce from Chris in January 2021, although she never served her husband with paperwork. The filing was eventually dismissed after the pair met in the summer of 2021. Angelina told In Touch that she and Chris were still together but were “working” on their marriage in early January 2022. “We’re trying … I have a lot to say about it,” he admitted at the time.

Angelina and Chris’s marital problems were widely documented Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. In the February 10 episode, viewers are seen talking to Angelina from the heart Nicole “Snooky” Polyzy About her marital problems. Angelina said, “I already know all the answers, I just don’t know how to pull the eject button,” adding, “I always look good in someone, even if they treat me badly. About.

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