Jersey Shore’s Sami Sweetheart applauds fans back in the relationship dec

Hit back! Jersey Shore alum Sami “Sweetheart” Giancola Applauding a fan who hinted on Instagram that “can’t keep a man”, wrote on Tuesday, April 5 that he would not keep someone who is “not worthy”.

“Come on Sami, keep a man, sweetheart,” the fan wrote with a red heart emoji.

'Jersey Shore' alum Sami applauds Sweetheart fan who indicated he can't 'keep people'
Courtesy of Sami Giancola

The founder of Sweetheart Styles, 35, is no stranger to playing his conflict in the eyes of the public. As such, he did not hesitate to close the comment.

“How to ‘keep a man’ is not how to ‘stay’ with someone who doesn’t deserve it,” Sammy wrote again.

The photo shows the television personality chatting in a crowded bar with two friends and her current boyfriend. Justin May, With the caption “Happy times.” Justin, 34, is Samir’s first boyfriend since divorcing his ex-fianc in July 2021. Christian Biscardi. In November of that year, Sami and Justin made their relationship official on Instagram.

The former MTV star started dating 32-year-old Christian in 2017. The couple got engaged in March 2019, but their marriage was postponed due to the Covid epidemic in the spring of 2020. Sami and Christian broke up in May 2021, when they both deleted each other’s pictures from their Instagram pages, after the big day of her decision to wear a dress was revealed in March 2020.

Two months later in a Q&A style TikTok, the star answered questions about her life. “Are you coming back to Jersey Shore?” Read a question. “No,” he replied. “Are you unmarried?” Another question has been asked. “Yes,” he said. The last question reads, “Are you happy?” And he answered, “Yes!”

Although she is quickly recovering from her breakup with Christian, Sami seems to be very happy for her new relationship. Earlier, a source said In contact The pair went “hot and heavy” in January and vacationed together, playing with “lots of PDAs” in the new year.

The couple posted a lot of photos and videos together on TickTock and Instagram to show that they have a comfortable time together and are celebrating the holidays. In Thanksgiving 2021, Sammy shared an Instagram story snap with her and her boyfriend, captioned, “Thanks.”

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