Jessica Simpson Bikini Look: Hottest swimsuit photo

For Jessica SimpsonBeing able to wear a bikini is an “emotional” experience. After gaining more than 100-pounds in her three pregnancies, she is very proud to have regained her bikini body.

On April 7, 2022, Jess shared an Instagram selfie in a small pink printed two-piece with the caption, “I gained 100 pounds 3x and lost so I never thought this moment could or would happen, but I’m finally spring break wearing a bikini !!!!!! ” He attributed his success to “hard work”, “determination” and “self-love” and acknowledged, “I enjoyed a good proud cry today” for his achievement.

“I believe in setting small goals for myself, because in my life and how I did it, there is an easy way to throw a towel and it seems impossible,” Jessica revealed during an April 18 appearance. Original Three separate bars about how he was able to lose more than 100 pounds. “So, for me, small goals have helped me achieve my core goals.”

“Wearing a bikini was never my main goal. I mean, I did it in my 20’s, “he explained. Jess then shared how she didn’t even plan to bring a bikini to her family for a spring break in mid-April in Mexico.” Later, because I thought I was just going to be a piece. “

But in the end, she decided to try a bikini, and it suited her to perfection. “When I put that two-piece, I was very emotional, and I was like, ‘I did it, it happened,'” he recalled. About her Instagram bikini selfie “So, that’s right, right now, and I wanted to share it with everyone because at times I’m so proud of myself for doing what seemed completely impossible.”

Jessica and her husband, Eric Johnson, Shared three children. Daughter Maxwell was born in 2012, and her younger brother, Ace Knute, arrived the following year. The entrepreneur showed off her body after the kids in several one-pieces but gradually she became more confident about what she looked like in a bikini. On her 36th birthday, Jessica shared a picture of herself wearing only a pair of topless bottoms on a float in her backyard to show how good she was at caring for her two children.

The singer’s daughter Birdie had a difficult third pregnancy with her mother, which came in March 2019. When Jessica proudly wears her 100-pound weight-loss belt and later skinny jeans, it took her until April 2022 to feel confident enough to wear a bikini again!

Check out Jessica’s hottest bikini moments in the photo below!

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