Jill Dugar’s Platinum Blonde Makeover: Check out the new hair color

What a wonder! Jill Duggar A mother has changed before the birth of her third child. She dyed her sandy blonde locks platinum blonde on Tuesday, April 6th for an exciting new look. This, of course, sets her apart from her sisters, all of whom have the same natural brunette hair color.

Jill, 30, has moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to get her paint work done. The photos of the fantastic results came courtesy of her stylist, Michelle Gambo, who posted the photos on her Instagram store. Her cascading light blonde lock above a picture of a smiling Jill, the stylist wrote, “I mean …” with a red heart emoji.

The former To count The star is slowly fading from her usual light brown hair color before jumping into full-on platinum blonde. She visited Michelle in November 2021 where Jill gave her hair a dirty blonde shade where some of her brown hair was still visible. She captioned her hair makeover Instagram photo at the time, “So… I did a job today.” Now, Jill has gone all light blonde!

The new hair color is rocking Jill’s fans with a thrilling pair of skinny maternity jeans that she modeled for Instagram followers on March 30th. The reality star mentions in the caption, “I was there when you waited a little too late in pregnancy and the buttonhole / rubber-band and belly-band tricks are no longer cutting!”

Jill and her husband, Derrick Dillard, In an announcement on their family blog on February 27, stated that they are expecting the 3rd child. “We are glad to announce that God has answered our prayers and we are expecting our Rainbow Baby in July 2022!” Jill and Derrick, 32, wrote, adding, “We are very grateful for a healthy baby and pregnancy so far, and we look forward to finding out sex soon!” Jill revealed in October 2021 that she had had an abortion.

The couple shared March 24 that they have a third son. He will be joined by older brothers Israel David, 7, and Samuel, 4. Jill and Derrick were supposed to find out the sex of the baby a few weeks ago, but the couple revealed on March 10 that they both tested positive for covid.

It turned out to be a blessing, since the appointment where they found out if a boy or girl had fallen on the street during the Israeli spring break from school. That means the whole family was at the doctor’s appointment where, “We all found out together that another little boy would join the Dillard Tribe!” Jill wrote on the family blog

Scroll down for Jill’s new platinum blonde hair makeover photos.

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