Judge Mathis Lands Family Reality Show [Trailer]

Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis Lands Family Reality Show [Trailer]

Legendary and respected Judge Greg Mathis, Sr. And her family is ready to share their unveiled life with the world.

Judge Mathis and wife

The judge may rule in the courtroom, but at home he is just a “father.” According to the press release,

Judge Mathis and his wife, Linda Mathis And their four eldest children- Jade Mathis, Camera Mathis Webb, Greg Mathis, Jr. and Amir Mathis – With their own careers, relationships, personalities and off-wall dynamics ready to take Los Angeles by storm.

The Family Docu-Series provides Mathis with a rare look at the exclusive Hollywood lifestyle and family fun. “Mathis Family Matters” premieres in June E!

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“Mathis Family Matters” follows Judge Mathis and his wife, Linda, when their two adult children return to Los Angeles and everyone finds their way and joins the rest of the family. Judge Mathis has had great success in helping others, but when it comes to his family, his opinions and “expertise in all matters” are sometimes flat because he helps guide his children through adulthood. Linda, the mother of the family, has a fantastic quick-witted personality and since this is the first time the family has been under one roof for a long time, her goal is to keep everyone together through ups and downs. Firstborn, Jade is living a full life on both coasts, as she decides whether her dream of becoming a full-time motivational speaker will be more than her legal profession. Kamara can do no wrong in the eyes of the judge, and with the nickname “Mother Mathis” she started a family of her own, including her husband, Ryan, and daughters Nora and Zara. Kamara is trying to manage it to work to balance family life and his legal profession. Greg Jr. and his longtime boyfriend, Elliott, are working on multiple real estate ventures, and as they take their relationship to the next level, they struggle to share their true bond with the world. The youngest, Amir is building his own production empire, and after a recent divorce he plunges into another serious relationship that causes his siblings to intervene in a love affair. The Mathis crew is ready to move things around with fun, big smiles and original family love.

Meet the Mathis family:

Judge Greg Mathis, Sr.

Linda Mathis

· Jade Mathis

· Camera Mathis Webb

Greg Mathis, Jr.

Amir Mathis

“Mathis Family Matters” produced by Warner Bros. Unscripted Television, Lisa Shannon, Dan? Collaboration with Shed Media, Telepictures and Cube Five with Pearson and Charles Davis, Bridget Therialt, Greg Mathis Sr., Amir Mathis and Simon Spira. Producer.

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