Juicy Smollett has released a new song ‘Thank You God’ about her Hate Crime Scandal +

Juicy Smollett releases new song ‘Thank You God’ about her hate crime scandal + calls on Lee Daniels and Don Lemon for their public criticism: ‘That’s why from LD to Don, I still love Yale. ‘ [VIDEO]

It’s a lot to see Juicy Smollett Speaking his truth through his music!

The 39-year-old actor – who was recently sentenced to 150 days in jail but whose appeal is pending, has just dropped a new song. The former ‘EmpireThe star took to Instagram on Friday (April 7) to promote her new song “Thank You God”. The lyrics seem to reflect his feelings and inner thoughts behind his conviction for the heinous crime. In a video featuring the lyrics, Smollett first wrote,

“I know how to channel these thoughts in the best way possible.”

Juicy Smollett

I read some songs,

“Some people are looking for fame, some people are chasing for chase. Just remember this … this is not the case. Do you think I’m stupid enough to kill my reputation? It’s just fun to look like a victim. “

Juicy Smollett Goes to address the media and apparently calls Lee Daniels, 62, And Don Lemon, 56, for their public comments and criticism.

“They had my own people, thoughts coming out of the walls. This is why from LD to Don, I still love you. I know we’ll meet again, talk like real men. Instead of sharing shadows at home and on CNN.

Don lemon

Lee Daniels

Juicy Smollett Says he’s donating all the benefits of the song to Rainbow Push Coalition, Illinois Innocence Project and Secure the Bag Safety!

As previously reported, Juicy Smollett He was sentenced March 150 to 150 days in prison and will have to pay a 25,000 fine and $ 120,000 recovery in Chicago for lying to police about an alleged hate crime. In January 2019, Juicy Smollett Police reported that he was walking in Chicago very early in the morning when he was jumped by two men who threw racial and homosexual anecdotes at him, poured him into a liquid he thought was bleach, and hung him by the throat. He was released on March 16 after just six days in jail.

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