Justin Timberlake reacts to former Britney Spears’ pregnancy

Justin Timberlake Not interested in sharing his thoughts about the former Britney Spears‘Newly declared pregnancy. The “sexyback” hitmaker hit a paparazzi who tried to get him to respond to the news of the “toxic” singer’s baby.

“Hey, what’s up Justin?” How are you Britney Spears has just announced that she is pregnant with her third child, “she told photographer Justin, 41, as she walked down the street with a brutal bodyguard. The singer immediately shouted, “Stop! Get out! ”It’s time to move his hand in the air to get the shutterbug lost.

Fortunately, Face me Brittany, 40, arrives at the door of her building before the paparazzo can get any follow-up questions about expecting a child with her fianc. Sam Asgari. For Justin’s achievement, he was even more amused by his answer, as his bodyguard laughed and laughed at his client’s question.

Brittany announced on Monday 11 April that she was expecting her 3rd child. “I lost so much weight on my Maui trip just to get it back. I thought, ‘Guys, what’s wrong with my stomach ???’ My husband said, ‘No you pregnant food fool !!!’ So, I had a pregnancy test… and uhhhh well… I’m having a baby, ”she told fans in an Instagram post.

The next day, the “perfume” singer was hinted that she was still very early in her pregnancy. She shared an Instagram video with several beautiful dresses with captions, “So before I really start showing up I have to model my clothes right now… I actually have a small belly here but at least my pants fit. ”

Britt’s fianc Sam has not officially confirmed that he is going to be a father for the first time but has shared a mysterious Instagram post about fatherhood. Hours after the blonde beauty shared her baby’s news, the personal trainer posted a watercolor painting of a lion and a lioness hugging their little one protectively.

“Marriage and children are a normal part of a strong relationship filled with love and respect,” he wrote. Fatherhood is something I always look forward to and I do not take lightly. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Brittany and Justin were the most popular couple in the late 90’s and early. The singer of “… Baby One More Time” was the princess of pop and Justin was cute with the curly hair of boy band NSYNC. Their young romance lasted from 1998 to 2002, although their separation was a bitter one.

Justin Timberlake reacts to Britney Spears' pregnancy
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Justin went on to write songs like “Cry Me a River”, it seems Britney cheated with him. “I think everyone has an aspect of their story that makes them feel a certain way,” Britt said. Diane Soyer In a 2003 interview, he added, “I’m not saying he’s technically wrong. But I’m not technically saying he’s right.

The “strong” singer went to the wedding dancer Kevin Federline Less than two years later. Although their marriage from 2004 to 2006 was short, it gave birth to two sons, Shawn Preston, 16, and Jaden James, 15.

In contrast to Justin, Kevin commented on Brittany’s pregnancy through his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. He said NBC News On Monday, April 11, Kevin “wishes her a happy, healthy pregnancy and congratulates her and Sam Asgary as they plan to arouse the parents together.”

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