Kardashians, Geners has been acknowledging Photoshop for years

Being real. Although Kardashian and Jenner have been accused of doing Photoshop in the past for their social media posts, famous family members rarely own the allegations. However, there are a few instances where they have admitted to changing their picture.

Courtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khalo Kardashian, Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner During their time in the spotlight, everyone found themselves at the center of the Photoshop complaint.

Keep up with the Kardashians Fans rarely hesitate to ask famous family members if they have edited their social media photos. While some claims have been easy to ignore, the famous sisters have been put in situations where they have been forced to change their photos.

Some of the photoshopping examples they uncovered were minor, although Kholo, 37, and Kim, 41, were recently criticized for editing photos of True, the daughter of a good American founder, 4.

“Well, I fixed it,” wrote Khloé Twitter After fans noticed the photoshopped photos of Kim from a family trip to Disneyland in April 2022. The founder of SKIMS also became embroiled in controversy when he admitted to adding truth to a photo of Kylie’s daughter Stormy so that the right “aesthetic” could be curated for her Instagram page.

Some fans couldn’t help but be shocked by Kim and Khloe’s decision to edit pictures of their daughters. “This is intentionally unethical by basic social media standards,” someone commented via Twitter. Another added, “Did anyone shout LIAR ????”

Others, however, defended the sisters to protect Kylie and Stormy’s privacy. “Who cares, you didn’t do anything. Sometimes you have to protect who is with you. Don’t assume your reason for what you do to protect someone around you. Especially a child, ”one person wrote on Twitter.

Disneyland was devastated at a time when famous family members were forced to admit to editing their photos.

Keep reading to see all the time Kardashian-Geners reacted to the Photoshop claim.

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