Kate Gosselin prefers to live with Hannah John, daughter of ‘Beyond Furious’

Kate Gosselin “Out of anger, out of rage” that “could choose” to live with his daughter Hannah Gosselin. John Gosselin In Pennsylvania with his brother Colin Gosselin, a source said In contact Only.

“Kate loved Hannah and wanted him to be with her,” the insider added. “But Hannah just felt like it wasn’t the right environment for her, even though she absolutely loves her brothers and sisters.”

Apart from her siblings, other sextuplets: Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aden and twins Maddie and Cara, both of whom are in their respective colleges but stay with their mother on the way home from school, were “very difficult” for Hannah to run her own business. The beginning.

In the end, Hannah, 17, “living with her father certainly seemed like the right decision,” the insider explained.

John Gosselin is proud of his daughter
Courtesy of John Gosselin / Instagram

Kate, 47, “must have spent a lot of time making sure the kids didn’t spend time together,” another source said earlier. Our weeklyAdds that Hannah “doesn’t really talk much to her mother.… She’s focused on getting into high school and college.”

Hannah would “like to spend time with the rest of her siblings,” but the source claimed that it was “just not possible.”

“They live in North Carolina [with mom Kate Gosselin]And she lives with her father [and brother Collin] In Pennsylvania, ”the insider added. “It’s sad. She hopes to see her brothers and sisters at some point. They were all very, very close and her departure to go live with John had absolutely nothing to do with her brothers and sisters. She loves them to the point of death.” . ”

John, 44, has recently been inspired by how proud Hannah is to start college this fall.

“I can’t believe there are around 18 corners. [surprised face emoji] [red heart emoji] #Prouddad, “John gave a screen grab caption to an article on his Instagram detailing Hanner’s college plans.

John and Hannah recently visited the University of Miami, the institution where Hannah plans to attend in the fall. “Hannah has been talking nonsense about moving out of rural Pennsylvania and going to college in Florida,” a source said. The sun. “Hannah was even considering graduating early because she wanted to start doing college courses and major in business.”

While John Hannah and Colin are in full custody, Kate has custody of other sextuplates. John and Kate, who met in 1997 and married in June 1999, lived in Pennsylvania during their 10-year marriage, which ended in December 2009.

Kate later sold her Pennsylvania home in 2021 and now lives in North Carolina with four separators.

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