Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are accused of photoshopping

Very picture-perfect? Kendall Jenner And Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) A deleted Instagram group photo was accused by Photoshop fans.

“They’re all on the verge of death,” a Reddit user commented at the bottom of a thread that included original photos featuring 818 Tekila founders, 26, models, 25 and their friends. Justin Sky.

“He doesn’t look like wtf himself [sic]Another added to the comments section, referring to Kendall, while another mentioned, “Kendall’s butt side door wiring.”

An individual user described in more detail how they thought Justin, 26, was the only one who was not edited.

“Hailey’s face is so bad, it reminds me of her level Grave Rider About 1996, ”they commented. “Kendall is playing with a new face there. I don’t know who the Barbie doll on the right is, but she at least looks human, not CGI. “

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are accused of photoshopping

Just a day ago, Kardashian The star shared an uncomfortable topless photo of herself holding a bottle of her wine brand Tequila ahead of the 2022 Kochella Music Festival.

“By the pool @ drink818,” she captioned her sexy Instagram post on Friday, April 15th, covering her bare breasts with just one hand while briefing a pair of periwinkle blue bikinis.

The former is not the first Keep up with the Kardashians The stars have been accused of enhancing their image. More than a year ago, several fans accused him of editing his body composition in an Instagram mirror selfie in February 2021 via Instagram. In the shot, she wore a red lingerie from her sister Kim KardashianIts scheme line.

“This image has been photoshopped a lot,” a social media user wrote in a comment on the post. “Kendall is obviously gorgeous, but these aren’t his actual proportions, or none of them. Please don’t compare yourself too much with the edited photo. Kendall doesn’t even look like this IRL.”

For Hailey’s part, fans rarely accuse Arizona Tucson of editing her Instagram photos. However, she has encountered many online trolls who still nurture her husband Justin BieberPrevious relationship with it Selena Gomez. On Tuesday, April 12, Hailey apparently made it clear that he had enough, requesting fans to return to a tick-tack video.

“Leave me alone at this moment. I’m thinking about my business, I don’t do anything, I don’t say anything, “he said in the clip.” Leave me alone. Enough time has passed where it is legal to leave me alone. I beg you, really. This is my only wish. Let me be alone. “

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