Kerr, Franklin’s estranged son, is still behind bars

Carrick, the estranged son of Kirk Franklin, is still behind bars despite being granted a 35,000 bond.

Reality TV star Carion Franklin- Gospel singer’s estranged son Kirk Franklin- He has been in jail for more than a week despite being finally granted a bond.

According to court documents obtained by radar, Kerion Franklin A bond of $ 35K has been granted after spending a week in jail. As previously reported, the 33-year-old ‘Bad boy Los AngelesThe star was arrested on the morning of April 10 while driving in Beverly Hills. He was initially pulled over for a vandalized tail light, but now has several criminal charges against him, the report said.

Kerion Franklin

According to Entertainment Blogger Larry Reed- With whom you have spoken Carion Franklin From behind the prison-Franklin entered one “Fight with the police,” Resulting in a “Preventive arrest” In addition to the charges, police reportedly found an illegal gun inside the car Franklin There was driving, which added another charge. However, accordingly ReedFranklin police said “I’m just trying to file two more charges against him.” And he never resisted arrest. Kerion Franklin Police also said the gun was found inside the vehicle.

Larry Reed Explained,

“[Kerrion Franklin] He called me today and told me that he had been arrested and imprisoned. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

He added,

“What is this now? [Franklin] Told me. He told me that he had been unjustly arrested and stopped because of his taillights. So when they did, he said they were keeping it – that’s what he said – that they had made other allegations against him and now he can’t come out until Tuesday. “

In talking to Larry Reed, Kerion Franklin He described the prison conditions as “not calm”. During the call, Carion He says he was not treated well in prison and is alleged to have been set up. Carion Says:

“I’m asking for treatment and it wasn’t accepted, just denied … it’s just unfortunate.”

He continued:

“My inner circle is changing … different things are happening around me. I feel like I’m setting up. Looks like people are trying to get me wrong.”

Carion Begging her estranged father for help, Kirk Franklin, From behind bars – claiming he was unjustly arrested and needed a lawyer to get out. Kirk has remained silent throughout this ordeal.

Kirk Franklin

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