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Khalo Kardashian Gave critics a part of their minds when they questioned why she was carrying her baby, True Thompson.

Satya is only 3 years old, but her parents make her look older. The internet troll says that True is so big that when his mother carries him, his legs practically pull to the ground.

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Khalo, 37, was recently criticized for carrying Truck to the Los Angeles premiere “Kardashian” Thursday.

Ma-of-one took Slamming critics for embarrassing her mother’s skills.

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“Those who comment that I hold the truth too much … No. 1 I will hold my baby until I can hold him anymore. No. 2 when there are lots of cameras around, flashing lights, paps screaming things … I want Let the kids feel safe. Think about your own kids. We’re fine here. “

Tru’s father, NBA star Tristan Thompson She also carries her daughter when she is too tired to walk.

Most importantly, Truth has two loving parents who indulge in it.

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