Kim Kardashian admits photoshopping truth for ‘aesthetic’

Open out! Kim Kardashian Publicly shared a “Photoshop confession”, admitting that he edited niece True Thompson in the infamous Disneyland film next to his daughter Chicago West.

“Okay guys, I have a Photoshop confession when we’re safe here in the circle of truth,” the 41-year-old founder of Schemes, wrote in a series of Instagram stories on Wednesday, April 27th. “Okay okay, you know I’m all about my aesthetic! And mine [Instagram] The grid is pink and blue lately. Isn’t it very beautiful and well-planned! [sic]”

In a separate story, Kim made it clear that “the original photos were Stormy”, referring to a December 2021 Instagram post next to Chicago, 4, True, 4, which fans saw seen doing Photoshop at the time.

“However, I asked that Kyliezner if I could post them and he said he doesn’t really feel like posting right now, and so, I respect that!” Kim has continued her series of Instagram stories. “But it’s not going to mess me up [Instagram] The fed Chi was wearing pink and it matched perfectly. “

The Kardashian The star then ends her full confession in a final story, thanking her 4-year-old niece for “taking one for the team”!

Kim Kardashian admits photoshopping truth for 'aesthetic'
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian / Instagram

“It’s not the aesthetics I’m going for and I can own it!” Kim added. “You know what a good aesthetic means for my soul. And if I would be cursed Kylie [Jenner] It will ruin me and ruin me [Instagram] GRID: I don’t think it would be such a big deal for his own mother to throw him at Disneyland for the first time. “

Kim’s public statement came a day after she clapped on online trolls, claiming that she had edited her belly button in an Instagram post she initially uploaded on Sunday, April 24.

“Come on guys seriously! It’s so stupid! “He wrote in an Instagram story on Tuesday 26th April.” Claiming that I did Photoshop on my belly button ???? “

She even followed it up with a humorous joke on the “insecurity of the belly button”, encouraging fans to buy “high-waisted lingerie” from her shape-wearing brand.

The entire Kardashian-Jenner family has been criticized on multiple occasions for changing their picture. However, this particular 2021 image of Chicago and Tru has measured the ongoing response from fans. Even Kim’s sister Khalo Kardashian The theme park photo was addressed via Twitter in response to a fan who told him that “people have questions,” along with screenshots of the original photo.

“Well, I fixed it,” said Khalo, 37, who shared the truth with the former Tristan Thompson – April 13 tweeted ৷ “Anyway, let’s focus on something else,” Khalo added “Our show will air in a few days.”

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