Kim Kardashian cries after Kanye West presents her recovered sex tape footage

In an emotional moment, Connie West He has just returned from the airport. He explained,

“I had to go to LA and come back. I traveled to get something for Kim.”

With her family and professional team around, Kim Kardashian What about open Kani Did for him.

“So Kanye flew home last night and he came back this morning and I want to show you what he got from me … he gave me back all the sex tapes … he gave me a computer, a hard drive and met me at the airport. With that, I got everything back. “

When Kim Explained that the ‘new’ footage contains no sexual activity, only formal couple footage, he was still grateful Kani. Kim’s mother, Chris Jenner, The Chicago rapper was praised for his good work and said,

“Thanks to Kanye and for his incredible way he does things and the ability to get things done.”

In a confessional interview with the show, Kim He explains why he is so grateful to Ken for recovering the sex tape

“I know Kani did it for me, but she did it for my kids. I want to protect them as much as possible, and if I had the ability, or if Canyon had the ability, that was the most important thing to me and I was very emotional because of it. I mean a lot. “

Ironically enough, before this week’s episode ‘The Kardashians’ Kani Earlier he talked about retrieving the remaining footage of his ex-wife’s sex tape. During the interview with Dr. Hollywood Unlocked In January, Kani Address Kim Romantic relationship with comedian Pete Davidson28, and how them SNL The kisses reflect the events of the tape leaked to him. He said

“How do you get me to SNL and kiss the friend you’re dating in front of me?”

He continued and apparently hinted that he once picked up a laptop from there Ray J. Showing a second sex tape with SKIMS owner.

“And like everyone else, ‘Oh, this, this is great.’ After I leave [and] That night I got a laptop from Ray J myself, didn’t I?

He added,

“I met this guy at the airport. Then the eyes came back red, I reached out to her at 8am and then I gave it to her and she cried when she saw it.

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