Kim Kardashian cries at ex-husband Kanye West after seeing ad for son’s allegations

Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Kanye West

Kim Kardashian cries to ex-husband Kanye West after watching ad for son’s alleged unseen sex tape W / Ray J: Thank God he still can’t read

Rumors of an alleged second sex tape were addressed at the “The Kardashians” premiere Kim Kardashian And Ray J..

In the debut episode that dropped earlier today [April 14th]Reality TV star Kim Kardashian41, noticed a strange ad when her son, St. West, 6, Roblox was playing. The SKIMS owner immediately took the smart device from his young child and showed the slanderous ad to his sister. Khalo Kardashian37, who was allegedly promoting another sex tape between herself and her ex-boyfriend Ray J.41.

In the next episode, Kim Kardashian Recently, she was seen crying to her estranged husband Connie West44. Her tears were the result of an annoying phone call Ray J.’s The manager, who threatened that more sex tape footage has not yet been released. When Kim Emphasizing that he is 99% sure that there is no additional video footage, the star could not help but become emotional at the thought. During the confession of the premiere episode of “The Kardashians” Kim Says:

“It’s been on my head for 20 years.”

He continued:

“I am 99% sure there is no new footage, but these people say they have a tape. What if I fall asleep and he sticks a dildo in me? I don’t know. “

A new video should be released, Kim He made it clear that he plans to use all his resources to recover the intimate video. The entrepreneur told his lawyer, Marty Singer, to “scare the shit.” Ray J.’s The manager has promised to use all his time and resources to sue if more footage is released.

Following a phone call with Marty, Kim Calls out tearfully Connie West And asked about the best way forward. He says:

“Although it’s not right … at Robolex, St. was at Robolex yesterday and a word came up and he started laughing and it was a picture of my crying face”

He continued:

“It’s a game that someone made with Roblex and when you click on it, it’s called Kim’s new sex tape. Thank God she still couldn’t read. And it seems over my body that this is going to happen to me again. I just want it to go away. This will not be f * ck with me. It’s not, so I want it to go. ”

Kim Then reveal that Kani West Helping him calm down by reminding him that he has the power and cannot be revoked. He further told her:

“You know who you are.”

Ray J. He has since denied that he had anything to do with the alleged second tape rumors.

Kim Dated R&B singer Ray J. They came back in 2002 and their explicit tape was released a few years later in 2007. The video started circulating before the celebrity e! The series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has begun production.

Ray J.

Vivid Entertainment, the company that distributed the tape as “Kim Kardashian, the superstar,” was sued by the business mogul, although he later dropped the lawsuit and reportedly received a $ 5 million settlement.

Kim Kardashian

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