Kim Kardashian denies that her family is responsible for the Black China e! Reality

Kim Kardashian, Black China

Kim Kardashian denies that her family is responsible for the Black China e! Canceling reality series: We have no power

It’s a lot to see Kim Kardashian41, was finally called to the stand and was the victim of a line of interrogation Black Chainer, 33, Tuesday (Apr.26) Attorney. The SKIMS Was forced to face interrogation from the founder Black Chinese Attorney Lynn Siani, He allegedly sent e-mails about text messages! Producers in this regard China Hot fight with ex Rob Kardashian, 35, in December 2016.

Black China, Rob Kardashian

In an alleged February 2017 message, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” alum wrote that he needed a short break from filming “until you understand what you’re going to do.” Kim Kardashian Continued,

“Choice will not be on our show. And it actually put my brother in a bad position because he cries all day and says the only reason [Chyna] It was shown because he was filming. ”

Asked if the message was sent in an attempt to close a possible second season of E! ‘S “Rob & Chyna,” Kim Emphasized that this had nothing to do with their spin-off and only mentioned his desire to take a temporary break from tapping.

“I can’t control the content of what they’re filming, but it’s our show – why would we film with it? I don’t really know what they were photographing [for “Rob & Chyna”] When the fights are over. Obviously something happened. “

Kim Kardashian

It is known that Kim Kardashian The following month he sent a text message telling a producer that Black China,

“There can be no false hope that he is on our show … is he getting paid?”

Kim He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. While at the stand, Kim The attorney told Siani

“Obviously, if I’m asking [Chyna is] Getting paid, I don’t know if he’s getting paid on our show.

The lawyer then pushed back,

“You told the producers that if China was on KUWTK, you wouldn’t go to the movies anymore?”

Kim Quickly answered,

“They can film whatever they want. We do not have the power, as you are pointing. I was just expressing that I would take a break from filming to evaluate how I was feeling. I will not go to work in a toxic environment. I can control what I do, which is to take a break. “

When asked about the fierce fighting between his brothers, Rob Kardashian And Black China, Kim Withdrawal Rob “Very upset.”

“I remember just trying to support my brother. I remember he was very emotional. It’s all so vague. “

Meanwhile, the former president e.! Entertainment’s Adam Stotsky testified that Season 2 of the “Rob and China” show was not officially released, although a press release was sent out on December 14, 2016 – the same day of the fight – that the show would return for a second season. Stotsky claims,

“We always had the habit of announcing the show so the fans of the show would be engaged. The show has been canceled. ”

He added that they finally decided not to renew Season 2 of Spin-Off because it was not originally a show he was shown.

As previously reported, the model / reality TV star Black China Currently suing the reputation Kardashian The family spent millions of dollars accusing him of canceling his reality show “Rob and China”. Although the show received good ratings and was seemingly popular, it ended abruptly after one season. In the case, China Claim Chris Jenner And his daughters Kim Kardashian, Khalo KardashianAnd Kylie Jenner E use their effects! To terminate his contract.

Kardashians / Geners

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