Kim Kardashian has condemned Photoshop’s Belly Button allegation

Clap your hands! Kim Kardashian She claims to have photoshopped her belly button in the new photo.

The Keep up with the Kardashians Alum, 41, went to Instagram on Sunday, April 24 to share two photos of herself posing in a sports bra, high-waisted underwear and baggy sweatpants. In the photos, Kim was standing outside a pool when she reached out her hand to her head.

Shortly after sharing the Schemes Mogul post, fans expressed their speculation that he had edited his belly button from Snap. “Where on earth are your belly buttons?” One social media user asked. Another said in surprise, “You forgot to release your belly button!”

On Tuesday, April 26, Kim addressed the allegations via her Instagram story. “Come on friends… seriously! It’s so stupid! “He wrote.” I claim I did Photoshop on my belly button ???? “

Kim Kardashian claims she photoshopped her belly button in a new photo: 'It's too dumb'
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian / Instagram

He then shared a boomerang clip of the photo taken, proving that his belly button was covered the whole time. “Insecurity of belly buttons ?! Well … why don’t you go to to hide that saggy belly button of yours with a pair of high waisted underwear like mine!” Kim wrote. “Welcome !!!”

The new photos are not the first time the Hulu star has been accused of editing her social media posts. Earlier this month, Kim faced similar allegations when she posted a tropical photo of herself wearing a pink skirt and holding a leash in her hand.

“Aloha,” Karadashians The star captioned the April 10 snap. While many of Kim’s Instagram followers have praised the photo, others have taken it to the comments section to call the mother of four for further editing. There is something wrong with this picture, ”wrote one. Another added, “Airbrushed pictures as always! You can zoom in on the picture. “

“I’d like to see Kim’s non-Photoshop pictures,” wrote a third. Unlike pictures of the belly button, Kim did not respond publicly to the claims.

Weeks ago, several scammers called Kim after a seemingly heavy edit. Tyra Banks In his latest promotion for the Shapeware brand. Tyra, 48, was known as the face of the iconic campaign Actress Candice Swanepol and Alessandra Ambrosio April 4.

Following the announcement of the campaign, several Instagram users commented that Tyre’s body looks very different in the pictures.

“Kim Kardashian is shocked to see the amount of Photoshop in Tyra Bank’s body in advertising new schemes,” wrote the Instagram account, Trouble Fame, in an Instagram story post. “For a brand that prides itself on body positivity and inclusion, it’s low. In what world does editing Tyre’s body in Kim’s clone support body positivity and inclusion?

Tyra later addressed the criticisms that were edited to make her look thinner when she appeared. The Today show April 7. “It’s something I’ve been saying for decades,” the model said. “So, I’m Carvier, I’m almost 50 years old in this campaign. I curse – I think it’s quite empowering.”

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