Kim Kardashian threatens to burn everyone at FKNG ground after learning

Kim Kardashian threatens to “burn them at F * k * ng ground” after learning that unseen Ray J sex tape footage could be released

Kim Kardashian Millions of rupees could be made from her sex tape with an ex-boyfriend Ray J.-But he’ll spend the cold days of hell before he let another come to market.

“During its premiere episodeKardashiansWhich is set to be released on April 14 in Hulu, a mother of four has learned Ray J.Its former manager Walk 100 Unseen footage is threatening to be released. She immediately called her lawyer Marty the singer Let him know,

“It simply came to our notice then. I know the right lawyers at the moment and I will not let this happen to me anymore. I have all the time, all the money and all the resources to burn them [to] Ch * King Ground. “

Kim Kardashian - RayJ - Wack100

As previously reported, rumors about the alleged second sex tape first circulated in September 2021. At that time, Walk 100 Claim the owner of the footage. Courtesy, Walk 100 He said he would not release the footage to anyone but himself Connie West Since “mother of her children” is involved. He said,

“All I know is, Kanye, I have a hollow brother. We got the second part on the laptop and it was never seen. We’d like to get it for you. It will be a great, personal NFT. “

He added,

“Yes, [and] It was more graphic and better than the first. “

In an interview with Dr. Hollywood Unlocked In January of this year, Kanye West also apparently hinted at a second tape. Kim Kardashian And Ray J. Both continue to deny the existence of the tape and will spend more time focusing on their careers and families. Following Connie WestIt claims, a representative Kardashian Said

“Kim remains firm in her belief that no new second tape exists. After 20 years, she really wants to move on from this chapter instead of the positive work she is doing as a mother, entrepreneur and advocate for justice reform.”

Ray J.The lawyer said,

“Ray J is focusing on his child, technology company Recon, and his film / TV / music career right now. He just wishes Kim and Kanye all the best in their endeavors and will not discuss or address the past.”

Kim Kardashian superstar“Released in 2007,” a few months before its premiereKeep up with the Kardashians“While many have said that sex tapes have brought the family to fame, the network chief, producer and show star have said.”It wasn’t about that at all

Kardashian and Jenner Sisters

Kardashian and Jenner Sisters

Ray J.Who shares the girl Melody3, and son Epic2, with isolated with Princess love. She released a track titled “I Hit It First” in 2013, highlighting her relationship with him. Kardashian And how she made him famous with sex tapes.

Ray J., Princess Love

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