Kim Kardashian weeps over Ray J sex tape in ‘The Kardashians’

At the premiere of Hulu’s series Kardashians, Kim KardashianInfamous sex tape leaked with ex-boyfriend Ray J. Came back to chase him. In the episode aired on April 14, the mother of four cried over the possibility that there might be more footage from the released encounter and how it would affect her children.

The original tape was dropped in 2007, when Kim, 41, was unmarried and did not start a family. She was found to be concerned about Ray J.’s manager’s claim that he had a new sex tape of the ex-couple. He said it was just a clickbite and that the video would have already been released if it had existed.

But the news about a sex tape was horrifying for Kim, who said she would be “shocked” if her eldest son, St. West, 6, grew up and was able to read about it.

Kim referred to the tape as her “mistake,” as well as jokingly asking about Ray J, “or was it wrong that she was my boyfriend?” While the founder of the scheme admits the sex tape was embarrassing, Kim admits it wasn’t the most scandalous thing to happen to her, even though she’s been dealing with it for almost two decades.

The leaked tape went down that year Keep up with the Kardashians Debuted in 2007. Kim’s sister, Khalo KardashianIt has been talked about as an “evil” KimOf Sexuality Tape Again in the new family series as they did in Season 1 KUWTK.

Fortunately, Kim said she was “99.9 percent” sure Ray Ray had no additional unpublished videos from their taped encounter. But she wants to protect herself and her reputation for the sake of her children. Kim and ex-husband Connie West Share Daughter North, 8, and Chicago, 4, and sons St. and Sam, 2.

The cosmetics and perfume mogul found solace in talking to Kanye about the matter, as he was still worried about reading the headline with a new sex tape of St. his mother. The former couple spoke on the phone, where Kim cried and said, “I just want it to go away. It won’t be with me, so I want it to go away.”

Fortunately, Kanye was able to help Kim, as he revealed that during their phone call, he said something important that helped calm him down. Connie told Kim that nothing would stop her, and there was no point in worrying about public perception because, “You know who you are.”

The reality star was determined to use her energy and luck to stop sex tape talk on her tracks, as Kim promised not to go through the experience for the second time in her life, especially as a mother. “I know exactly what to do this time,” he shouted.

Ray didn’t want to see any discussion about sex tapes for the same reason as Kim. On January 26, 2022, he tweeted, “It needs to stop. I have kids too,” two days after Kanye claimed during a tell-all interview on the “Hollywood Unlocked” podcast.

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