Kim Kardashian’s daughter slams North West Easter Food

Not interested! Kim KardashianHer daughter Northwest happily refuses to pick her mother’s healthy Easter product pick from their garden.

“They look disgusting,” said the 8-year-old, whom Kim shared with her ex-husband Connie “Yeah” WestOn Friday, April 15, he shared his mother’s Instagram story in the background of the video.

“They don’t look annoying!” The Kardashian The star, 41, responded before adding, “Don’t you think Easter Bunny needs carrots?”

Throughout the clip – which had the caption, “Thank you, North” – Kim proudly showed a wide array of her chosen vegetables.

“You guys, we got some vegetables and fruits from our garden,” Kim said as she panned the camera over freshly picked carrots, kale, beets, leeks and other greens. “How beautiful!”

The mama-daughter duo usually enjoys fun moments together, including creating TikTok videos together on their joint account @ kimandnorth. In March, North and cousin Penelope Disik appeared alongside the founder of Schemes in a deleted video, with makeup and lip sync. Kelly machine gunIts “Emo Girl.”

Kim Kardashian's daughter refuses to buy healthy, 'disgusting' 'Easter bunny'
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Although the three women have had a good time together, North’s father, 44, has been outspoken about his social media activity. Just a month ago, the “powerful” rapper publicly denounced his ex-wife for allowing North to use TikTok.

“Since this is my first divorce I need to know. What should I do if my daughter is ticked off against my will? ” Yay posted a blurry screenshot caption of one of the North TickTock videos via Instagram on February 4th. The post has been deleted.

Kim then defended herself in an Instagram story that day, calling the “praise of God” artist’s statement a “constant attack.”

Despite Yezi Designer’s apparent disagreement with the North’s use of social media, he and his mother did not stop them from sharing more on their account.

For the northern part, fans have seen his fickle behavior in the past. While this is sometimes funny, Kim’s Instagram followers may think that the stylish kid did something without her mother’s permission, such as making an Instagram live video in December 2021.

“Let’s take a house tour,” North said smiling in the background of his deleted TikTok video. Cousin Rain Disk was with North at the moment, as he was heard shouting, “Tick tock live, live, live, chicken fry, live!” However, the 7-year-old realized that they had a problem, as he added in a more panicked voice, “No, no! Not allowed to live! ”

Towards the end of the full video, North went to Kim with the phone camera while she lay in bed. “Mom, I’m live,” North replied jokingly.

“Don’t stop! You’re not allowed,” said the former Keep up with the Kardashians The star responds quickly. Before the end of the clip, Kim was heard in the background asking, “Is he really alive?”

That month, Kim admitted that her eldest son “really” intimidated her by appearing in a podcast by journalist Barry Weiss.

“I was going to tell politicians, but they don’t,” he said, answering the question, “Who scares me the most?” “Probably just my daughter’s answer.”

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