Kirk Franklin’s son, ‘Bad Boys Los Angeles’ star Carion Franklin denies himself

Kerion Franklin

Kirk Franklin’s son, ‘Bad Boys Los Angeles’ star Carion Franklin has denied any involvement in the murder of the missing woman and said he had been denied medical attention in prison.

Kerion Franklin Denying recent allegations against him.

In a phone call interview from his prison cell, the reality star spoke to the entertainment blogger Larry Reed About his recent arrest. The Bad Boys Los Angeles star has denied rumors that he was arrested on charges of murdering a missing woman.

During the call, Kerion Franklin34, said he was not treated well in prison and complained that he was being set. Carion Says:

“I’m asking for treatment and it wasn’t accepted, just denied … it’s just unfortunate.”

He continued:

“My inner circle is changing … different things are happening around me. I feel like I’m setting up. Looks like people are trying to get me wrong.”

Kerion Franklin

When asked why he was stopped first, the reality star initially avoided the question:

“I don’t live a crazy life outside of my art …. I don’t really bother anyone.”

Then continue:

“I don’t want to be around the wrong group here so that I can be exposed for their wrongdoing.”

Kerion Franklin

Larry Reed Then leads Carion Talking about the bust tail lights that drew him.

“I was working in one of my cars and one of my tail light fuses started blowing. I just got up early, and I was in Beverly Hills and so they stopped talking to me. I got my two warrants.” I’m being told a lot and I don’t know what it is. I just want you to keep me in your care. “

Carion He claims that the car he pulled was bought by an unidentified woman and her boyfriend a year ago. Rumors have been circulating in the media that the car belonged to a missing woman Carion’s Addressing the murder connection with his girlfriend’s car, he said:

“I don’t think it’s true because I met the woman who sold me the car so – the person who sold me the car was alive and she and her boyfriend or husband sold me. So I had that car for over a year. . “

Before the interview ends abruptly, Larry Reed Ask Carion If the death of his ex-partner plays a role in his criminal charges. Charles Williams, professionally known CJHe was found dead after being publicly beaten Carion. CJ He confessed to leaking the alleged audio that he knew he would be embarrassed Carion In the media just before his death.

Related CJ, Carion Says:

“I never ate beef with the chief justice, that’s what the chief justice was harassing me for! I’m living my life without bothering people and I’m being harassed. “

No other information Carion’s The case has been released at this time.

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