Kirk Franklin’s son Kerion Franklin has been arrested on suspicion of murder

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Carion Franklin, the restless son of gospel icon Kirk Franklin, was arrested by Beverly Hills police on suspicion of murder.

Kerion, 33, was picked up by police on Sunday for driving with a bust tail light. Police later searched his car and recovered an unregistered pistol.

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The reality TV star told police that the gun was not his and the car was not his. Police run a check on the license plate and the vehicle registration is returned to the murdered woman.

Police are not giving any details about the arrest. Kerion was sent to jail at 10:26 a.m. Sunday. He is being held without bond Radar online.

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Carion, who is openly gay, has been given “permanent residence” in prison. She was photographed in 1999 with her famous father.

His preliminary court date is set for this week. Following his hearing, the Zeus television star will be sent back to Texas for a separate hearing.

He is said to have said Larry Reed Live That he was “mistakenly arrested and turned off because of his taillights.”

Kerion is currently starring on the Zeus Network show Bad boy: Los Angeles. He made headlines last year Secretly recorded and posted An obscene phone call with her father.

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