Kirk Franklin’s son, reality star Carion Franklin, allegedly arrested

Kirk Franklin, Carion Franklin

Kirk Franklin’s son, reality star Carion Franklin, has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a missing woman.

The star of reality Kerion FranklinSon of a gospel artist Kirk FranklinHe was recently arrested after a stop in California and is being charged with felony criminal mischief for murder.

According to reports, the 34-year-old “bad boy” is a member of the cast Kerion Franklin He was arrested over the weekend and has been charged with a number of criminal offenses Entertainment Blogger Larry Reed Recently shared that Kerion Franklin Reached out to him after his arrest and claimed he had been “incorrectly” detained by police. Reed Said

“[Kerrion Franklin] He called me today and told me that he had been arrested and imprisoned. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

He added,

“What is this now? [Franklin] Told me. He told me that he had been unjustly arrested and stopped because of his taillights. So when they did, he said they were keeping it – that’s what he said – that they had made other allegations against him and now he can’t come out until Tuesday. “

Kirk Franklin, Carion Franklin

However, it seems Franklin Arrests can involve far more than a typical vehicle violation. Reed Continuing and sharing that when he saw what it would take to help get it Franklin From prison he learns that the “bad boy” has some serious allegations against him. Reed Said

“When I looked- [I learned that ] They arrested him for some charges in Texas and for some charges in Texas – there is no bond for them. “

He continued and claimed that during the initial stop, Franklin There has been a “fight with the police”, which has led to allegations of “preventive arrest”. In addition, police reportedly found an illegal gun inside the vehicle Franklin There was driving, which added another charge. However, accordingly Reed, Franklin Police are “just trying to drop two more charges against him” and he has never resisted arrest. Franklin Police also said the gun was found inside the vehicle.

Kerion Franklin

Unfortunately, this crazy situation doesn’t end there. It is known that Franklin A taillight had nothing to do with the stop and the arrest but rather it was associated with a murder. Sources claim that the car Franklin It actually belongs to a missing woman, who is called his girlfriend. The missing woman is believed to have been killed, the report said. Talking about the allegations Reed Said

“She told me the brakes had gone out and that’s why they stopped her [but my source said] They may not be the reason to stop him, [it’s] Because he was driving the car of the murder victim. “

According to reports, Franklin Three have been charged with criminal offenses. However, the official police report and allegations of his arrest have not been released yet.

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