Kodak Black Pops Out With Mystery Woman [PHOTO]

Kodak is black

Kodak Black Pops Out With Mystery Woman [PHOTO]

Isn’t “Super Gremlin” rapper on the market?

This week, (May 12) Florida-born rapper Kodak is blackThe real name is Bill Capri, who has spread dating rumors through his official Instagram account with a post about himself and a mysterious woman.

The speculation started after he was 24 years old Kodak is black Shared a photo of the two of them up at a club. The mysterious woman seems to be one of the bottle girls working at the club. He captioned the post,

“So you want to read for the bad guy ???”

Black Previously dating other women has been linked. Shortly after his release from prison in 2021, Black A fellow rapper has announced his engagement to Melo Rakz. Within months of the proposal, the two released him.

Kodak Black, Melo Rex

Before her engagement, Black Again linked on and off with girlfriend Maranda Johnson. The couple has a daughter, who was born earlier this year. He never showed up Black’s Social because of his preserved personality.

Kodak Black, Maranda Johnson

He also has a son with his ex-girlfriend Jamia Broomfield.

Kodak Black, Jamia Broomfield and their son

Do you think Kodak Black is settling down again? Let us know below!


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